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Thank God I Have Cancer

by: Cassandra Ann Gatzow It was about 3:00 p.m. on September 15, 2006 when I got the call. I was in the midst of my working day, about to walk into one of my accounts. I worked as a salon consultant for a beauty distribution company at the time. About a month and a half earlier, I’d […]

Thank God I Was Raped

by:  Julian J. Grayce Several years back, if someone told me I would be making such a statement as “Thank G-d I was raped,” I would have considered them cruel and crazy. So, I’m aware of how disturbing this may be for some people to hear or understand. I didn’t wake up one day and […]

Thank God I’m Blind

By Ben Underwood (age 16) Thank Jesus I’m blind . . . In 1994 at age two I lost my eyes to a childhood disease called retinoblastoma—which is cancer in both eyes. At age three I taught myself echolocation—where I use sound to see. I ride bikes, skate, and play video games—you name it. I do it—or […]

Thank God My Daughter Committed Suicide

By Jenetta BarryThere were several occasions after Jenny, my daughter, committed suicide where I contemplated killing myself. It was on the eve of the second anniversary of her death that I succumbed to a very dark moment in my life, when I came seriously close to seeing these thoughts through.I had traveled to the UK with the intent to set up a light base there, from which to also conduct my business. As the dates for what would have been Jenny’s 18th birthday, as well as the second anniversary of her death, drew closer and the winter began to close in.

The Night I Tried to Kill My Dad

By Judy van Niekerk I looked out the window, lifting my head and hearing the late afternoon birds singing in the park nearby and the owls starting their day as the birds were finding their respective nests for the night. The sun on its way to start a new day in another part of the world, leaving […]

One moment I carried life and in the next, it was gone.

By Lia Enso The first time I felt a twinge in my tummy it was so slight I barely noticed it. I was busy greeting guests in a capacity filled room at the waterfront restaurant. The sun was just setting over the water, casting a warm orange glow throughout the mahogany floored lounge that overlooked the Marina. […]

Dr. Bernie Siegel: Thank God I Am Not an Ugly Duckling

As told by Dr. Bernie Siegel to his grandchildren… The other day as I sat on our back porch enjoying the sun, a bedraggled little duck startled me with a big splash as he crash-landed in the little pond I built in our backyard. As he settled down and tried to catch his breath, I noticed his feathers […]

Thank God I Found Faith

By Faith Deeter I was born premature but healthy, and my parents named me Faith. My growing up was basically normal, and then at the age of twenty, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer. The cancer came with a single message: Be real, be on the outside who I truly am on the inside. That’s why I […]

Thank God I’m Bald

Laura Duksta  Around the age of eight or nine, I clearly remember learning two lessons in Sunday school that would direct the course of my life. Firstly, Jesus taught that we are all brothers and sisters; and secondly, because of that we should love each other. Though I credit and thank my Catholic catechism classes for these […]

Thank God I Missed My Flight… The Story of Finding True Purpose

Getrude Matshe The trip was going really well so far, except of course for the postponed flight last night due to technical problems with our plane to New York. The kids were up and ready to go, little Dumi, my baby boy, was so excited about getting on another aeroplane. This was the first time […]

Thank God For My “Eating Disorder”

by: Paula D. Atkinson In my 31 years on this planet, I’ve weighed 250 lbs., and I’ve weighed 80 lbs. Extremely obese as a child and teen, I almost died from starvation in college due to anorexia, bulimia, and addiction to exercise. I was the fat daughter of an alcoholic father and an extremely depressed […]

New Author

Thank God I Lost My Job

by: Steve BhaermanNext time you utter the phrase, “a funny thing happened,” consider this… maybe that “funny thing” is just an example of the Universe’s sense of humor, where you think you’re headed down one path and you’re really headed down another. Like the time I thought I was a college professor, but a funny thing happened… […]

ThankGodI… Interviews

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  • James Malinchak

James Malinchak

  • January 15th, 2014
James Malinchak is a popular speaker, trainer, marketing consultant, author of 8 books, and […]
  • Perry Marshall

Perry Marshall

  • December 28th, 2013
Perry Marshall is the most quoted authority in the world on the subject of […]

What’s in store at Thank God I…

As in everything that is of great worth, the deeper connections with our surroundings, and relations are what we are looking to have and experience. Whether it is connecting with the others you have gone through and learned or our experience is what people want to connect to, we at Thank God I have you covered. Find Out How
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4.BalanceWHY AN EQUILIBRATION SPECIALIST MATTERS TO YOU – Can an equilibration specialist become one of the most important people in your life? In simple terms Equilibration means coming to a balance. By… Read More Here
5.SelfWorthTHE SURPRISING TRUTH ABOUT SELF WORTH – Unless you been hiding under a boulder for the last decade, you probably have at least come across some “self worth” pundits. Kudos to the… Get More Here
6.RelationshipsTHE #1 REASON RELATIONSHIPS FACE HARD TIMES OR EVEN END – Sometime it can seem that even the most amazing relationships can become horrific. It’s not uncommon for the same relationship that helps… Read More

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