• Your Body Communicates With You Through Sickness

      I used to be a functional medicine practitioner, my specialty is thyroid and autoimmune diseases. One of the reasons why I had very high success rates was because I helped my patients understand their sickness and what it was telling them. An autoimmune disease is turned on because of an emotional and/or physical trauma, […]

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        ‘Cocky’, ‘frustrated’, ‘impatient’ and ‘controlling’ have all been used to describe me on more than one occasion. “Should I wear these traits like a badge of honor? Should I showcase my humility, amenability, patience, and liberalness to the world?” “You’re the ‘Thank God I’ guy…”, comes at me all the time, often attached […]

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  • The Dreaded Phone Call…

        I was at work maybe 15 minutes.  My ex called to tell me that he had just dropped off our younger son at my place.   While on the office phone, my cell phone rings and it’s our oldest son. “Hey buddy, what’s up?”  “Mom, I’ve been in an accident.”  With a phone on […]

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  • How to Get over Someone You Never Dated.

          Have you ever met someone who is devastated that someone didn’t like them back, that someone rejected their affections, that someone wouldn’t give them the time of day… yet they’re still talking about it? Weeks, months or even years after?  What’s wild about getting over someone you never dated, is that we […]

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  • I Live On A One Way, Dead End Street!

        Years ago, I was in New York City during the Christmas Holiday — Typical New York with the hustle and bustle of city life.  People rushing to go to work, someone yelling because he was cut off by a car and another was on the street begging for money. As I thought about […]

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  • Routines and Habits

      Routines and habits are essential to having consistency and balance in our life. I’ve been reevaluating mine this past week and have updated my morning routine.   Morning routines are quite common, and most people are pretty set in what they do when they wake up. Morning routines are great for getting the day started […]

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