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The ThankGodi Story


Thank God I Lost My Mom?

The day my mom died I felt like my heart was ripped  into a thousand  pieces.

If anyone would have suggested to me that three weeks after her death, I would be thinking: “Thank God I lost My Mom”, I would have probably cut their head off.

It was these words that began my ThankGodi journey.  Little did I know what I was in for…

Without reading my personal ThankGodi story, it would seem impossible to truly understand how I could possibly conceive of such a thing. This is why I have posted my story here: (Link to my story)

I went through hell with my mom’s passing. However, because my life was focused on continuously looking for the overall balance in things and discovering the blessings within tragedies, I was fortunate to receive some deep insight and able to have a miraculous experience during this time.

I realized that there must be people all around the world with their own ThankGodi experiences.

People who overcame sickness, financial disaster, abuse, and even those who were raped had amazing stories about finding the hidden blessings within their personal tragedies.

Our team began sorting through hundreds of stories that would eventually be published in our first compilation.  It was then that the ThankGodi brand was officially born….

Like any new company the ThankGodi team has experienced a roller coaster of peaks and valleys.

[We were tested in a variety of ways. We were blessed with; being a #1 hit on Amazon; getting interviewed on ABC-TV; and being featured with the Dali Lama in a Hollywood Film. At the same time, we were challenged with losses due to the closing of Borders bookstores, and battling the lightning fast changes that are inevitable with the rapid growth of today’s technology. There is no doubt we were tested!

Through it all, our dedication to helping  people overcome their tragedies has never wavered. The challenges of opposition that we have faced, have forced us to delve deeper within our own mission.

Ultimately, we realized that we had a lot of work to do.

The ThankGodi stories have helped a lot of people, and have also made some waves  with publications worldwide. The one thing that we have found along the way is that people always want and need more.

They want help with their divorce, the death of their loved ones, and even with the abuse that they struggle with in their lives.

They want to know how to start saying: “Thank God” for their life challenges.

In response to this need, we have created a  four step process called Equilibration ™ ,  which shares precisely- HOW TO -overcome ANY LIFE challenge.

We believe that EVERYONE deserves

a chance to overcome their challenges.

It is because of this that we have decided to share all of our ThankGodi stories, digital books and the four step process to overcome ANY life challenge. We do this at no cost to you and with deep compassion.

We noted that as our clients started to overcome their life challenges, an entire universe opened up to them.  They discovered their inspiration and were able to hit upon their unique purpose and genius in life.

To grow and thrive as a service to communities and businesses, we have extended our brand to include advanced teachings, certifications and private consultations.

In our process, we have realized that many of the authors who shared their ThankGodi stories have an important mission to live and they could benefit from business mentorship.

The ThankGodi team has risen to the occasion and has trained with the top marketers of the world. In addition, we have also recruited some major in-house talent to help our authors excel.

We have realized how many “experts” out there that were doing it wrong, and we wanted something better for our ThankGodi authors. Hence, we have taken on the responsibility of teaching them the best practices in the industry.

The ThankGodi team has observed the world and realized that we truly do help people discover a more balanced perspective of how their troubles can be blessings in disguise.

We believe that the worst things in your life can be the catalysts that bring the very best out of you.

Our mission has grown into empowering every person we meet on how to evolve into their best selves.

The mission, vision and purpose that you see on this site are NOT just words on a page. We took years crafting every part.

Every single team member has gone inside their heart and soul to answer, with candor, if their personal being is clearly aligned with the ThankGodi mission.

We thank you for exploring our site.

We invite you to participate in the ThankGodi conversation.

Please know that we look forward to growing with you.

Please feel free to share our site and our stories with the people who you think might benefit.

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