Mental Balance

Equilibration maximizes your mental health and liberates your genius.

Whether you’re seeking to grow your mental genius, overcome a major trauma (such as abuse or grief) or alleviate emotional distress
(such as depression, addiction or anxiety).

Equilibration helps you find calmness and with a balanced mind a centered state of inner peace.

Spiritual Balance

Equilibration serves you to balance your mind to open your heart to live your faith.

A person’s spiritual practice is one of their most personal choices. Whether you follow the Christ, the Buddha, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, the Tao or any other practice of balancing one’s heart, love is ubiquitous among them all. Equilibration helps you see beyond emotional clouds of confusion in order to tune your mind into your heart

The Equilibration Conversation

Financial Balance

Equilibration provides the inner poise it takes master finances and wealth.

Money seems to be a part of just about every part of life.”. Why do so many people struggle with balancing their finances? Why do so few people seem to accumulate wealth? With equilibration, you’ll balance your emotions about money to develop a deeper appreciation for wealth accumulation.

Vocational Balance

Equilibration helps you see beyond your emotions to find and live your calling.

The original meaning of ‘vocation’ is “a calling” The people whose vocation feels more like a vacation climb mountains and allow themselves the be paid the true wealth that they deserve.

Equilibration helps you balance all the emotions that cloud the path to finding your inspiration.

Social Balance

Equilibration serves you to master the communication to make amazing friends.

Our social relationships can open us to amazing experiences in the world. Clear communication with others really empowers you to maximize all of your relationships. Equilibration empowers you to clearly understand yourself and others, in order to communicate the fair exchange that results in valuable long term social friendships.

Family Balance

Equilibration serves to deepen your communication and love with your family.

Family bonds can run very deep and can be the most meaningful connections in your life.

Sometimes you can experience extreme challenges and pain within your family.

Equilibration can help family members balance their emotions to become better able to hear and communicate  with one another.

Physical Balance

Equilibration helps you access inner peace so that healing and well being thrive.

Did you know that emotional stress can trigger all kinds on physical health challenges?

Diabetes, heart problems, even cancer often contain within them strong emotional components. Equilibration serves you to balance your deeper stressors to create an inner environment of health, nourishment and well being within your body.