How One Florida Man Dissolved Overwhelm During Covid-19



Gerry showed up to half of the group calls. Constantly drained, overwhelmed, behind, self sabotaging with a lot of weed, hanging with people who were apparently cool, yet not honoring him.

Settling for women who didn’t appreciate his soul, who were ‘in it’ just for the attention. He agreed that my weekly coaching was helping, but he consistently broke his word to himself…

I probed deeper during one of our group calls, as I do with everyone in an honoring way, in a safe container of non judgment, authentic curiosity and unconditional love. After a series of questions, we discovered that he was trying, with all his might, to ‘keep up with the Joneses’. 

Gerry was trying to maintain a positive ‘I can do anything!’ mindset. He was told by his business coach that he could do anything. Yet, no one had cared for him enough to see if the ‘roots of his decisions’ were aligned with his soul, his truth, his ‘knowing’ rather than comparison, competition, success and money just for the sake of it – nothing deeper. 

He was trying so hard to look good, and had bitten off way more than he could ‘chew financially’… Moving to a killer new pad, working full time and going to school part time, hanging with the ‘in-crowd’,  spending way too many nights with women who didn’t care about him… It was too much.

Yet here’s the kicker. He was so programmed to ‘think positive and do what he committed to’ – so much so, that he felt like a failure if he changed his mind or deviated. 

There wasn’t any room to pivot, shift, reassess, take a breath and go within! 

Thank goodness, Gerry allowed my coaching to supplement his other coaching so that we could begin with ‘heart set’… THEN, move to ‘mindset’ and he could experience ‘Heart Mind Unity’ and move forward with fulfillment, within his soul and with accomplishments that aligned with his true purpose.

During one of  the group coaching calls, I took Gerry through a very powerful process, found in my ‘Digital Program for Men’, called HeartMate’s… it’s titled, ‘Little You’. I ‘sprinkled on’ some quantum  psychology processes that would dissolve of anger that erupted.

That’s when he discovered that the WHOLE experience was rooted in still trying to get his Dad’s love, attention and approval! 

The call was astoundingly powerful, for all in attendance who also had lingering mommy or daddy issues. Whilst I can’t take you through the whole process in an article, basically the punch line is that Gerry, and others on the call, realized that our lives in our 20’s, 30’s and even 40’s tend to be about getting what we never received in childhood and either we fail… Or we find it, but can’t keep it…  OR it’s never enough…

Still, we want more money, more women, more success. The KEY to ending this sabotaging pattern is to give to yourself and to others what you never received!

Gerry had to give himself approval, attention, care, listening, acknowledgment and validation… For all the things that he was seeking from his Dad, from friends, from money and from women! 

The ego hates this. For the Soul, however, it’s like sacred medicine!

Gerry ended up getting out of his crazy lease, moving back to his hometown where his solid reliable friends still adored him. He worked part time and was able to finish his degree without the stress. Made new friends and began to date quality women who appreciated him for his humility, bravery, heart and courage.

He looked sexier, more available, real and authentic. Gerry even became funnier, remembering to enjoy the process of life, having let go of all that pressure he put on himself to be someone other than he truly was. 

He came ‘Home’ to himself – inside and out! 

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Huge love, Allana xox ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜


Written 24 May, 2020



Intimacy Expert, Allana Pratt is a global media personality and go-to authority for those who have suffered heartbreak and are ready to live unapologetically, and attract an open-hearted, ideal relationship.

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