The Balance In The Room

A perfect balance, a hidden order exists with everyone and everything.

At the same time, the world appears full of injustices and our personal lives certainly feel chaotic at times.

Terrorism, pollution, war, starvation, disease, and heartbreak are real-world problems experienced by real-world people... Finding the hidden balance that exists within life’s extremes can appear insurmountable. Inside of us, we all have presumptions, beliefs, prejudices and emotional attachments.

The ThankGodi blog presents a wide perspective discussing the hidden balance that exists beyond our individual ‘blind spots’, beyond everyday conversations...

We help our readers to expand beyond their emotional biases, in order to align with their hearts. From a balanced state of grace, we can effectively communicate with one another and evolve the human experience, together…

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Corona Consciousness – ‘Boiling Frogs’

  Officials in hazmat suits, sticking needles into a young child’s arm to test for the Coronavirus, conjure up horrific images from the movie ‘Contagion’ or ‘Outbreak’. Let’s face it… sudden contagious disease and the prospect of death is terrifying! Viruses are very real, and we’ve all been sick with one at some point in […]

Too strong? I’m a bitch. Too weak? I’m a wallflower.

  I wanted my dad’s love and attention. I wanted to feel safe, seen and understood. It didn’t go so well… Dad was an alcoholic. I became a people pleaser extraordinaire and didn’t know there was such a thing as personal growth until my first marriage was beyond the point of no return. Yet two […]

Shhh, don’t tell… Oh, the tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.

    I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.  Keeping secrets can cause depression, stress and anxiety in the best of the best.  In a research report from Columbia Business School in May 2017, it’s stated that there are harmful personal effects just from thinking about secrets.  The authors state that; “It is a […]

A Dose of Nature is Just What the Doctor Ordered…

Modern life can leave us feeling stressed, lonely and depressed, but the solutions are sometimes surprisingly simple. A study completed in 2016 found that visiting a park for at least 30 minutes a week could significantly reduce the risk of depression.  Scientists in Australia found further evidence of what researchers have been saying for years. […]

How to deal with a-holes

This might not seem like the most enlightened question, yet it’s one I get a lot from members of my community. Especially with the coronavirus, people are scared and when we’re scared, we leave our heart, we’re triggered by our emotions, leave the intelligence of the prefrontal cortex that allow for abstract creative thinking and […]

Finding Balance

Noun: a state of equilibrium or equipoise; equal distribution of weight, amount, etc. How do you find balance within an unbalanced world? How do you stay focussed on being in balance in a chaotic seemingly unstructured world? In today’s high speed, high pressure and high-stress world, it’s not just balances between work and family that’s […]

Teenagers, oh the Trials and Tribulations!

This summer I had my fill of teenage drama.  I heard about it all from my boys, nieces and nephews.  Who was dating whom that someone else liked.  Who got their hands on alcohol and learned what it was like to drink too much.  Who got caught on the security camera vandalizing the public house. […]

How do I approach women respectfully in a #MeToo world?

I applaud you for reaching out to desiring to respect women. Thank you.  And I applaud the women who have bravely spoken up in this Movement. There’s so much more to be done.  And I acknowledge the tide is beginning to shift.  Given what we focus on expands, let’s focus on solutions and a new […]

How the Media and Your Political Party Plan to Steal Your Vote – DON’T Let Them…

“Racist “Cheat“, “Liar”,  “Sexist”, “Hypocrite”, “Supremacist”…  Winning is ALL that matters… At ANY cost… Now, more than ever, the top strategic focus for today’s political parties are painting a narrative which ‘packages’ their opponent into an evil piece of shit, whilst portraying their candidate as the ‘hero’, taking them to the promised land. Why? Political […]

What is a Spiritual Gangster?

The Spiritual Gangster is someone making a statement to the world. That statement is a commitment of spirituality that does not fit within the traditional description of “spiritual” found in the western civilization. Yes, I’m spiritual, as a matter of fact, I love, pray or meditate, get in touch with a higher self, and  I tune into a divinity. I also kick ass and I  make no apology for it.

Surviving The Sinkhole

My life suddenly felt like a big sinkhole and I was hanging on the edge for dear life. There was a part of me wanting to let go and disappear into the abyss, while the other part seemed to be dangling on as if by a tiny hangnail. In a short time,  I had gone through a financial crisis, business challenges, health challenges and relationship turmoil.

The One For-Sure-Cure For Opiate Addiction

If you have been alive in the past century, it is highly likely that you have encountered the staggering statistics that surround opiates. Not only have the use of opiates devastated many lives, the abuse of them has caused death to celebrities and non-celebrities alike.

Why Rich People Are Healthier Than The Poor

The world’s richest investor, Warren Buffet became rich through investing in quality, stable companies in the long term and avoided any “get-rich-quick” schemes. He is still healthy and active at age 85. This tried and true method most of the rich use to get richer over the long term is equally as effective in building your health over the long term.

The Key Behind Every Successful Relationship

To me, work is often the scapegoat when it comes to challenges in a relationship when the real cause is often a lack of “communicated appreciation” of each other. Notice that it is not from a lack of appreciation, but the trouble brews in a relationship when this is not communicated. Here’s how this trouble commonly arises in a relationship…

I Love Him… And Now He’s Gone!

My client called me in absolute despair. The man she’d been living with for the past two years had told her he no longer wanted to be with her and he’d found someone else. She feels her whole world has collapsed; wakes up panicking in the night and says how incomplete she feels without him.

An Ever Evolving Consciousness

First, one must gain a recognition that there is simultaneous construction and destruction happening at all times.  This applies to your body, the world around you, and most importantly, it applies to your mind.  As your thoughts and ideas shift and change, so do your actions.  

Why You Should Work With Disease Instead of Fighting Against It

Having just nursed my eldest two children through a nasty stomach bug, I was awakened earlier than usual by sudden severe cramps in my stomach. It seemed that I now had to deal with this bug. As my day progressed, it was interesting to note that many well-intentioned people offered suggestions of all sorts of  medications and natural  remedies  for it. I declined because I had no intention of fighting this bug. I was going to work with it.

The Unhealthy Hypocrisy of Thin Shaming

In October 2014, Victoria Secret’s “Perfect Body” campaign sparked an uproar amidst accusations of promoting an unhealthy and unrealistic body image. But looking at the models in the advertising, all of them looked to be within the healthy BMI (basal metabolic index) range (18.5-25), although most would be at the lower end of that scale.

Kill The Monster When It’s Young – Part 1

Mental anguish, emotional despair and physical disease are on the uprise. More and more people are coming into my office with serious problems than ever before. They come in not just with complaints of physical pain and discomfort, but also with complaints that their lives are in turmoil–which of them is losing their home, whose teenager is in serious trouble, who has developed cancer, diabetes or cardiovascular problems, who’s working to death just trying to make ends meet, and the list goes on.

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