Our Authors

At Thank God i, one of our nearest and dear projects is the work we do with our authors – many of whom have been students of Equilibration over the past 25 years. We love working with our authors because they are some of the most remarkable people who’ve lived through, and overcome, some of the worst life situations we’ve ever heard of.

They are constantly teaching and demonstrating how tremendous the human spirit really is.

We love investing the time to really hear our author’s stories and get to know them. Helping them get connected to their deepest inner wisdom and the blessings in all they’ve lived is what ThankGodi is all about.

Though our mission involves serving people to reach this state of grace from their current place of struggle, we can’t help but love working with those who have found their way to balance, be that through our Equilibration method or on their own accord.

We know how important it is when one is struggling, to be able to see hope. Our authors impart that hope to our readers and help them to see possibilities, advantages and blessings in the midst of whatever they are going through…

They show our readers that the magic is learning to see what’s happening to them with fresh eyes. Our authors help those going through similar challenges to see what only hindsight can teach, by sharing their wisdom with those who are still in “the pit” of their own challenging journey.

Many of our authors have not written or published anything before we begin working with them. Though some are quite experienced, we know that even talented writers have much to learn about publishing and distribution of their work.

As part of our mission we help with complicated business aspects beyond the skill of writing, and help our authors further develop their stories, but the one thing we do NOT do, is edit their personal experiences to match any of OUR beliefs.

Each of our authors express their personal story from their individual experiences of the world. Sometimes that comes from the viewpoint of our author’s personal faith and beliefs.

As such, the following is our official policy as a company regarding the free expression of our author’s personal experiences.


ThankGodi Official Policy

Thank God i in no way infringes upon any of our authors free expression of their beliefs or faith. The same applies for our blog and interviews.

Thank God i does not hold, condone, support or deny any particular religious faith, God, science, philosophy, belief or system.

The Thank God i book series shares the universal power of thankfulness and appreciation, acknowledging that these values exist within all faiths, beliefs and cultures.

It is important for our readers to keep in mind that there will be some inconsistencies expressed between the views of our varying authors, as each of us sees the world in a unique way, based upon our own language, culture and personal lessons.

Thank God i recognizes that different people may even use the same word to mean different things. We do our best to make minor edits so as to communicate clear context and avoid confusion.

At the same time, we are committed to keeping the intent of our author’s creative expression intact…

We stand behind this policy with conviction, believing that the genius of our author’s stories are held in their unique expression of it. As such, we see fit to simply cultivate the process that brings out their authentic self at a deeper level.

All of the magic in the storytelling, belongs to the brilliant individuals we support to tell their story and share their inspiring message with the world.

We hope you enjoy our stories of inspiration and invite you to contribute your “Thank God i” story to our growing community.