Thank God i's Mission

Our Mission

At Thank God i, our mission is to expand a global community serving every individual with the teachings, tools, products and services to balance their mind and body, in order that they can experience the presence of inner peace, appreciation and wisdom, that can bring miracles into their life.

Our Purpose

Thank God i’s purpose is to serve each person to balance their emotions across all 7 areas of life, thereby also liberating their unique personal genius, and ultimately evolving the consciousness of humanity, for generations to come.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help people discover the overall equilibrium that exists in all things; to bring balance and purpose into their lives through a process called “Equilibration,” that cultivates a set of skills which will allow all who use the methodology to balance their emotions, lead with their hearts and expand harmony within their personal worlds and the greater global population. We will continue to publish and promote spectacular “ThankGodi” stories and interviews, detailing the tales of ‘triumph over tribulation’ told by thousands of inspiring authors, in order to help others who are struggling with relatable battles, to know they are not alone and to see the potential gift within their own life challenges. We truly see our mission serving the entire planet and as such, will translate these amazing stories into more than 100 languages, making and keeping them free to the public for as long as our legacy exists. As we introduce the world to the “Equilibration Conversation” we are creating a growing ecosystem giving individuals the opportunity share their inspired genius, while offering digital education and entertainment, apps, workshops, events, trainings, consults, certifications, movies, games, and lifestyle products/services, that help each person we serve, to master balance in every area of their life and discover the freedom and wisdom of their inspired self.

“The worst things in your life can bring the very best out of you.“