The Thank God i's Mission

Our Mission

At Thank God i our mission is to expand a global community serving every individual with the teachings, tools, products and services to balance their mind and body where the presence of inner peace, appreciation, wisdom, and miracles fill their life.

Our Purpose

Thank God i’s purpose is to serve each person to equilibrate their body and mind liberating their unique genius, ultimately evolving the consciousness of humanity.

Our Vision

Imagine if we all approached today from a state of heart centered inspiration. Imagine if we all clearly communicated our heart to one another in order to create inspired exhange. Imagine if we all had the skills to bring our emotions to balance, to overcome any life challenge so that we can remain focused on contributing our unique genius. to the world. Technological complexity is evolving at light speed – opening humanity to the possibility for global advancement faster than ever before. So why then does it appear like human potential has barely scratched the surface.? Depression, addiction, stress, hatred, guilt, grief, fear, abuse, cancer,- there are no shortage of challenges that get in the way of people becoming and contributing their very best.The world will bring us challenges that can keep us stuck living in pain and mediocrity. Newton and Einstein showed us that nature reveals herself to us through the simplest of formulas. We believe that that learning how to balance one’ s mind and body is nature’s simple formula to living one’s genius. We all know that simple, does not mean easy. Our vision is to evolve the method of Equilibration™ ( balancing one’s mind) into the fabric of humanity so that everyone in the world learns how to awaken the balance within themselves and access their unique genius. Our ThankGodI stories are helping people all over the world to expand their consciousness and open their hearts to the balanced state of gratitude where their genius is discovered. Our vision is to publish, publicize and market 10,000 unique ThankGodi stories and interviews over the next five years and to provide the public with these stories translated into over one hundred languages. Our vision is to share with the world how to truly live in balance through digital education, workshops, events, trainings, consults, certifications, digital entertainment, movies, games, and lifestyle products/services.