The Thank God i Story

The day my mom died, I felt like my heart was ripped into a thousand pieces..

Hello I’m John Castagnini, the founder and CEO of

I went through Hell with my mom’s passing.

Mom’s death was a fork in the road. I had been teaching people how to see both sides of whatever happened in a person’s life for over a decade.

Well, the torture I felt from my mom’s death certainly was not feeling very balanced.

I said to myself, “John, either you really believe that there exists a balance within your mom’s passing or what you been teaching for the past decade is complete crap.

It was time to look in the mirror, It was time to walk my talk.

I spent the next three weeks alone contemplating my mom’s passing and bringing all of my emotions to balance. Suffice to say, I had a miraculous experience, I found the hidden balance which inspired me to write the story Thank God i Lost My Mom. (You can read ThanK God i lost My Mom story here )

I realized there must be a lot of people who have their own personal ThankGodi experiences. People who overcame sickness, financial disaster, abuse who had amazing stories about finding the hidden blessings and the balance within their own personal tragedies.

We put up a website and sorted through hundreds of submissions of ThankGodi stories in order to create our first book, Thank God i  – Stories of Inspiration for Every Situation. Just like that, ThankGodi was born. Little did we know the roller-coaster ahead of us.

Going into the publishing business as Border’s goes bankrupt and Barnes and Nobles closes half their stores was interesting to say the least.

Fortunately, we were blessed to hit #1 on Amazon, sell tens of thousands of books, get interviewed on ABC-TV and be featured in a Hollywood film with the Dahli Lama.

The many business challenges that we faced forced us to delve even deeper into doing whatever it took to accomplish our mission. I realized the internet was the answer. But, boy was there a lot to sort through. Getting to the truth on how to truly use the web felt like we were searching for a needle in a haystack.

Eventually, we came across some of the best in the business and we listened. We realized that many of our authors who shared their Thank God i stories could benefit from our business mentorship.

We are equally as dedicated to ThankGodi readers. Reading the story, “ ThankGodi had Cancer” can certainly help someone who is going through Cancer. .But we wanted to do even more. Every ThankGodi story is ultimately about the emotional challenges a person went through That’s where the skill of Equilibration comes in. Equilibration is a process that shares how to bring any emotion to balance.

It was clear, as people read ThankGodi stories and practiced balancing their emotions an entire universe opened up to them. They discovered their inspiration and gained the courage to live their unique purpose in life. To grow as a service, we have extended our business to include teaching certifications in order to train practitioners in equilibration, We knew we would need a very large team to help individual’s practice equilibration all over the world.

ThankGodi is expanding every day to add the very best products and services that help people bring mental and physical health balance into their lives.

We believe that everyone deserves to know how to balance their mind and body, to discover and live their unique genius. It’s is an honor to share our service. We invite you to participate in the ThankGodi conversation. Please feel free to share our site with the people who you feel might benefit from it. We Thank you, and remember, The very worst things in your life can bring the very best out of you.