Sometimes you’ve got to go through hell to get to heaven. The truth is YOUR story can help a lot of people who feel stuck RIGHT NOW.

Great Stories Can Move the World.

You have a special one that is yours alone to tell and yours alone to share.


Perhaps someone close to you passed away unexpectedly… Perhaps you’re a cancer survivor… Maybe some A%shole abused you or… Maybe you Simply lost EVERYTHING. Most likely, you felt like you were suffocating and you seriously doubted you would make it to the other side.

But you had a major turning point. You saw a bigger picture in your life. As you stepped beyond the pain, you gained wisdom. You gained confidence. Most importantly you regained your dignity. What once almost broke you, became your break through.

Sometimes you’ve got to go through hell to get to heaven. The truth is YOUR story can help a lot of people who feel stuck RIGHT NOW. Nothing helps people when they’re struggling, more than connecting with someone else who’s triumphed through – and over – a challenge similar to their own.

From kicking Depression to embracing Divorce… From quitting Alcohol to overcoming Abuse…

ThankGodi has published true stories of tragedy to triumph that have literally SAVED PEOPLE’S LIVES.

Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen – both creators of Chicken Soup for the Soul, endorsed our ThankGodi series.

ThankGodi has received endless testimonials, international publicity, and has featured stories from N.Y Times best-selling authors. ThankGodi even Hit #1 on Amazon with one of our titles.

ThankGodi was created to get your personal ThankGodi story OUT to the world.

Stories like…

  • Thank God I Was Abused by Adele Green
  • Thank God I am Blind by Ben Underwood
  • Thank God I was Raped by Jay Grace

…Have helped thousands of people around the world.

We are on a mission to Publish MILLIONS of ThankGodi stories – to reach BILLIONS of people in HUNDREDS of languages. We have even begun our journey of translating ThankGodi stories into Spanish. But we have a VERY long way to go…


We would love to Publish your ThankGodi story and get it to people who want to read it.


That’s Why…

We provide a simple way for anyone with a ThankGodi story to join in the conversation by having their story published on our hugely popular website.

We offer authors whose online ThankGodi stories get the most votes, the opportunity to be published in an upcoming ThankGodi print volume.

We offer training to authors who want to use their story to market themselves and their brand or services through social media, to attract new audiences – and clients.

We have partnered with – a highly-regarded company that performs online marketing for more than thirty Fortune 500 companies, and is a Google top partner.

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You will have the opportunity to share your story. The top-voted stories will receive premium placement on our website and even stand the chance of being published in the ThankGodi book series, alongside world-leading authors.