Single Successful Mom “Do’s” of Dating During Covid-19



Joanne is a smart successful single mom. Pre Covid-19 she was frustrated about consistently attracting B+ men. With the pandemic she, like so many, felt fear of what was happening. Overwhelmed with her child home from school 24/7 and the loneliness of not being able to go out and meet men for a date. She could tell it was making her more closed up, and masculine handling everything herself… yet also more needy and desiring of a strong man’s arms around her who she could trust. 

I asked if I could help her discover her blind-spot on this issue on our group coaching call. She realized that pre Covid-19, she complained that she attracted B+ men when REALLY she was attracting exactly the men she KNEW that she’d never go deep with, who she could break up with first, who she could feel superior than, complain about and not have to be brave and open her heart. 

We discovered that REALLY she was afraid to open all the way and get hurt again… AND that she truly didn’t believe there WAS a man who could truly meet her depth, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually! WOW!

Add Covid-19 to the scene and these fears of getting hurt again were intensified – her desire for deep quality conversations felt more imperative than ever, and the risk of opening her heart, only to be let down when everything else was uncertain, seemed too big a risk to take!

To break through this blind-spot we did this 30 minute quantum psychology process in our group to balance her emotions. A lot of other people on the call were feeling similar.

We integrated her ‘triggered’ emotions into four “Do’s” for her dating during the Covid-19 pandemic:

💝 DO have Calm Confidence.

She discovered that no matter, Covid-19 or no Covid-19, life is inherently uncertain… Yet she can always have her own back. She always had choice, no one had power over her own point of view.

💝 DO have Humility and Courage.

She realized that her own fear of going deep into her own heart, was preventing her from going deep with a man’s heart. Being compassionate with both her accomplishments and her weaknesses, would allow her to be transparent and real. 

💝 DO have Higher Standards.

She had the awareness that an A+ man honestly freaked her out because she’d have to meet him with her A+’ness too… Being authentic, openhearted and brave. 

💝 DO have JOY in the process.

She remembered that happiness is her job, intimacy is an inside job, life isn’t about clamoring for the goal, it’s about celebrating every step of the process.

Group coaching at first, seems too vulnerable for most people to consider, and yet it’s the most clever choice because you get to evolve, practice and grow in a place of psychological safety, empowerment and humor. The community becomes the family you never had, the encouraging wind in your wings, and celebration as you wobble, grow and win! 

Vulnerability literally transforms from a perceived weakness to a super power of Presence, Bravery and Fully Expressed Living. 

Isn’t it amazing, what revealing a blind-spot can set free?

Joanne went on to date with clarity, confidence AND an open heart, enjoying the process of being a mom, being ‘heart centered’ when many are in fear, and meeting great men online (written when lockdown was still enforced) ready for deep love and thriving intimacy.

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Huge love, Allana xoxo


1 May, 2020



Intimacy Expert, Allana Pratt is a global media personality and go-to authority for those who have suffered heartbreak and are ready to live unapologetically, and attract an open-hearted, ideal relationship.

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