Social Distancing

  • Home Alone is Making me Crazy!

        🤔 Question: I am tired of being at home, working from home, and just being alone. This self-isolation is driving me crazy but the paranoia of defying it and just being free is equally strong. Do you have any solutions to help people who are aware of the dangers but just don’t care […]

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  • Cranky COVID-19 Neighbors! How do you get along?

      🤔 Question: Allana, my neighbor is being a complete ass. I stopped to say ‘Hi’ to him from the car, and when he started to approach it. I reminded him about social distancing and to stay back. Now he is acting as if I completely disrespected him! I refuse to apologize because I did […]

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  • Finding Inner Balance in a COVID-19 Socially Distanced World

        With the Coronavirus, aka COVID-19, our world has completely changed over the past few months in terms of how we connect because of social distancing mandates.  The world that we live in now, is ‘hyper-connected’ through technology.  All but our frontline heroes, and even some of them, are now working from home.  Most […]

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