Social Distancing

  • Cranky COVID-19 Neighbors! How do you get along?

      🤔 Question: Allana, my neighbor is being a complete ass. I stopped to say ‘Hi’ to him from the car, and when he started to approach it. I reminded him about social distancing and to stay back. Now he is acting as if I completely disrespected him! I refuse to apologize because I did […]

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  • Finding Inner Balance in a COVID-19 Socially Distanced World

        With the Coronavirus, aka COVID-19, our world has completely changed over the past few months in terms of how we connect because of social distancing mandates.  The world that we live in now, is ‘hyper-connected’ through technology.  All but our frontline heroes, and even some of them, are now working from home.  Most […]

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