Spiritual Intuition

  • The Simplest Law of Attraction and Frequency

        Did you know that the ‘Law of Attraction’ is one of the Universal Laws which governs the Universe? Simply put, the ‘Law of Attraction’ is the ability to attract into our lives, whatever we are focusing on. The ‘Law of Attraction’ is Universal and working on your life right now, even though you […]

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  • Ways to Raise Your Hope During These Uncertain Times

      In this time of pandemic fear, we have an opportunity to look at this monumental pause in our world and find new ways of being. We have the perfect opportunity to change our thoughts, raise our vibrations and seek higher ground. Let fear guide us to hope and belief that a new world can […]

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    The effect has been devastating, overwhelming and has led to massive destructive, low self worth issues and lack of self empowerment. A lie that is so big that our soul feels the negative effects and most of us cannot find our way to fix, heal and transcend this lie. So, what is this huge lie […]

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