From ‘My Life is a Mess…’
‘My Life is Magnificent!’

Balance MY CRAZY Life.

Beyond Your Pain And Confusion Exists

A Hidden Order, An Overall Balance.
A Perfect Balance Within You.


See And Experience Your Challenges Transform, In Real Time, Right Before Your Eyes!
Feel Your Heart Open & Your Spirit Soar.


Your Emotions Can Bury You.


Your Emotions Can Build You.


Finally, understand how to balance your emotions regarding the challenges that you face, instantly…

Instead of someday, ‘down the road’.


First. We Read.

EXPLORE ThankGodi Stories – Our authors share their experiences of finding balance in their greatest challenges. As you read and explore their awakening to the concept of balance – of an equal amount of ‘advantages’ and ‘disadvantages’ being innately present in every experience, you begin to understand why and how you too, can experience the transcendence of emotions and patterns.

Next. We Listen.

LISTEN to ThankGodi Interviews – Our interviewee’s reveal how they arrived at the place of gratitude for their challenges, obstacles, and tragedies…  Elevate your understanding of Equilibration to a deeper level. You will extend your discovery how balance in ‘everything’ is possible. You will begin to see that the very worst in your life can bring the very best out of you!

Then. We Learn.

LEARN EMOTIONAL BALANCE – As you come to realize the amazing POWER that comes with learning to balance your emotions on everything in your life – ALL that has previously pushed you back and held you down – you crave that power for yourself. It can be found in Equilibration… by acquiring the knowledge of EXACTLY HOW to bring your own emotions of your own ‘challenges’ and ‘tragedies’ into balance. This empowers you to live life on your own terms… NOW!

Finally. We SOAR.

EXPAND and Share Your Story – As you appreciate the balance that exists in everything… in all of life, you open your eyes  – and heart wider – to your own ThankGodi story. You begin to see the blessings in what you once saw as negative or ‘bad’ and how it has truly served your life. This realization allows you to transcend your emotions & judgments, while also sparking in you a desire to share your ThankGodi story with the world!

Why ThankGodi?

ThankGodi® teaches how to transcend emotional patterns to finally experience appreciation for everything – what is… as it is.

The ThankGodi® principle of Equilibration™ is immutable – just as with any other “law” – like gravity, for example – It works without fail, every time.

The ThankGodi® brand and platform offers you the opportunity to discover your personal ThankGodi story… and share it with the world.

ThankGodi® offers those who desire to do so the opportunity to build their own brand and platform using their own ThankGodi story to help effect change and transformation in the WORLD.