The Simplest Law of Attraction and Frequency



Did you know that the ‘Law of Attraction’ is one of the Universal Laws which governs the Universe?

Simply put, the ‘Law of Attraction’ is the ability to attract into our lives, whatever we are focusing on.

The ‘Law of Attraction’ is Universal and working on your life right now, even though you probably don’t know or feel its effects.

You have attracted the people around you, attracted the situations you are in, the jobs you’ve worked on and much more into your life. 

As you begin to understand ‘Law of Attraction’, and you understand that ‘which is like unto itself is drawn’, then it becomes much easier to understand that you are producing a vibrational signal/energetic frequency, and the Universe responds in accordance.

Everything Vibrates

Quantum Physics shows us that everything in the universe is made of energy. Everything in the Universe is in a state of vibration.

  • Everything you can imagine is made up of energy.
  • Trees, shoes, a table, animals, plants, people and even our thoughts and feelings all have their own vibrational frequency.
  • It is all governed by the Law of Vibration.
  • Each object, animal and person, etc. vibrates at different frequencies in their natural state, this is called resonance.

A solid object, such as a crystal or stone appears to be motionless, but they’re actually made up of millions and millions of subatomic particles, continuously stirring with energy. The crystal or stone is ‘pure energy and movement’; this is part of the reason they are often used for healing.

According to the ‘Law of Attraction’, ‘like energy’ attracts ‘like energy’.

  • The Universe merges with the vibrations we put out.
  • We manifest what we want when we are in our natural state of vibration.
  • We manifest what we don’t want,  when the Universe matches our vibrations when we are out of alignment with our natural state.

This of course, causes us to manifest things we don’t like or want.



Step 1 – Your work: 

You ask.

Step 2 – Not your work: 

The answer is given.

Step 3 – Your work: 

The answer, which has been given, must be received or allowed, you must let it in.


The ‘What’ and ‘Why’ is your work. The ‘When’, ‘How’ and ‘Where’ is the Universe’s work. 

  • What do you want?
  • Why do you want it?                                                                                                               

The ‘Why’ takes you on a journey of emotions. All the emotions that you experience, produce ‘energetic frequency’.

List everything that you want, with NO judgements. That is the hard part, as we constantly judge, whether we are worthy or not, according to our ‘outdated programming’, our self-worth and value systems.

Then start listing all the whys you want what you want. Write down all the feelings about how it makes you feel when you have it or are living it.

The old you, thinks that you need a JOB, to make money to pay bills. That is ‘outdated programming’ which includes lack, worry, anxiety, strife and ‘not enough’.

As you begin to ‘awaken’, you will start to abandon ‘doubt’ and ‘negativity’. As you now understand that this ‘awakening’ will bring you to people, places and things of like-mindedness, right back into your life.

The new you, that is more conscious, is beginning to believe that you can live your passions, share your gifts and your talents, as services to others. You will always be compensated by the ‘Law of Attraction’  in action, as you now understand how it works!

You will begin to see signs of your manifestations, and this solidifies that ‘you are working the magic of yourself’, consciously.

Bingo! You are now a conscious manifester of your own thoughts, feelings and energy!

Happy Manifesting on Purpose. 🙏💜🙏

Love, light and blessings,

Judy K Martene

Ascension Coach, Lightworker and Wayshower

Sharing Positive, Universal Laws for Prosperity and Spiritual Intuition, Inspirational and Transformational Concepts and Ideas


 7 December, 2020



Judy K. Martene is an empathetic, creative visionary, with an expansive energetic, and passionate personality. She is a forthright facilitator and intuitive counselor, and called “a catalyst for change” assisting her clients to shift and transform their lives from tragic to magic.

Her passion is to inspire, share, connect, and support individuals so that they can actualize their dreams. She imparts her inspired teachings in a supportive way that has been well received by her international students and clients.

Judy has a deep understanding of the human spirit. Her ability to understand deep psychological mental, spiritual and emotional health problems stems from her own traumatic past. She has survived abusive relationships, illness and poverty. She has overcome all these challenges by visualizing and passionately designing a life where she has shaped and realized her true potential to live a life where she thrives!

Judy is founder and CEO of 2 international companies, Women Living Well and A Living well Expert. She has over 40 years’ experience as an entrepreneur, ranging from NPO’s to private businesses and in the health and wellness industries.