Thank God i Interviews

John DeMartini  – American Researcher

Mark Pellington – Film Director

William Whitecloud – Author

From film director Mark Pellington to world leaders like Dr. John DeMartini, From renowned authors like William Whitecloud to iconic activists like Rev. Alveda King. Thank God i Interviews share how extraordinary people let the worst things in their life draw the very best out of them. In listening to these interviews you can’t help but discover new ways to appreciate and in turn overcome your own life challenges.

Must Read Articles From Thank God i Bloggers

What is a Spiritual Gangster?

Spiritual gangster seems a bit contradictory, doesn’t it? It’s more than just a T-shirt company, the road between flower children and war pigs has long been traversed by another spiritual warrior, the martial artists.

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Surviving The Sinkhole

I feel like I have experienced the most difficult month of my entire life. They say, “when it rains, it pours,” and this was certainly true for me nearly every single day, as evidenced by the river of tears that run down my face.

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The One For-Sure-Cure For Opiate Addiction

If you have been alive in the past century, it is highly likely that you have encountered the staggering statistics that surround opiates. Not only have the use of opiates devastated many lives..

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Awaken The Balance Within

Your life can turn into a crazy, emotional roller coaster ride in an instant. Sometimes getting yourself back to balance can seem impossible.
By finding the blessings in your life’s challenges, you can discover the hidden balance in your life.

Thank God i shares top quality education, entertainment products, and services that helps bring the inner peace and harmony of balance back into your life.

“Wow! I really don’t know where to start to describe ThankGodi’s
Equilibration, other than it has given me … a new me!”

Buffalo IL

"It's only when I lost everything, that I found myself"

Houston TX

"This book is a wonderful example of the age-old wisdom that every seemingly negative event contains within it the seed of an equal benefit."

Jack Canfield
Co-creator of Chicken Soup For The Soul, and featured in The Secret

"Hidden within your greatest heartbreak and difficulties, your greatest and most liberating transformation is waiting to be revealed. This book reminds us that when we dig deeply into our challenges, we will find the meaning that leads us back to inner peace and healing."

Barbara De Angelis
New York Times Bestselling author of How Did I Get Here?

"From my thirty years of counseling cancer patients I have learned to be grateful for life and the opportunity to experience life free of fear knowing that whatever life sends my way I can handle. Thank God i found gratitude."

Bernie Siegel, MD
New York Times bestselling author of Love, Medicine And Miracles

"Being thankful is a key to opening your heart and living a life filled with love and inspiration."

Marci Shimoff
New York Times bestselling author of Happy For No Reason, and featured in The Secret

"Thank God i… am filled and overflowing with gratitude for the wisdom and healing power of this movement."

Luan Mitchell
Host of Millionaire Mentor, Voice America

"I love the THANK GOD i books, because it gives people alternative ways of thinking about all events in life, and gives us all the opportunity to shift our thinking to create more inspiration, joy and love in our lives. The truth is: LIFE IS SHORT AND VALUABLE!!! We need to celebrate life moment by moment, and the THANK GOD i books remind us to enjoy our short time on this planet."

Dr. Jeff Jenkins, D.C.

"Thank God i was born in America because it gave me the opportunity to be who I am supposed to be."

Governor Buddy Roemer


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