It's not about religion ...
It's about APPRECIATION as a state of being!

What Is ThankGodI?


Because we become fully empowered by being thankful for EVERY part of our lives...


ThankGodi provides online courses, e-books, stories, articles, media, and live events on using the gifts you gain from your challenges to empower your life.

Our Mission



To evolve and expand The Equilibration Conversation world-wide through premier education and entertainment.


Expanding The Exclusive Mental Health Solution, by discussing the Equilibration Conversation with people worldwide..
Serving individuals, local groups, and international communities of all nationalities and ages, to deepen their understanding and management of themselves, others and the universe expanding each person's ability to:
a) manage their emotions
b) transcend addictions and overcome life challenges
c) transcend fear and guilt and co-create their life from an inspired state of presence divulging their unique genius.
d) communicate effectively with other people withing their unique value system, so as to master exchange.
e) create balance in their lives at the level of family, finances, health and vocation.   

1)  THANKGODI Online through: 
a) The ThankGodi Book Series ( Digital and Printed)
b) The Four Step HOW TO Equilibration digital products and Certification Series
c) The ThankGodi Blog/News Forum
d) Co-authored Expert/ Equilibration Products
e) Social Media Forum discussions and webinar Participation
f) Private Equilibration Consulting Services
g) The use of story through Documentaries, movies and shows.

2)  THANKGODI In the world through:
a)  Workshops
b)  Events
c)  Musicals

3) THANKGODI partnered Companies:
Products and Services  evolving a perspective of bringing balance to health, wealth and family life.


Empowering people to balance their perceptions and evolve their consciousness to effectively communicate their unique genius.

Our Stories

Discovering your Thankgodi story can change your life. Sharing it can change the world.


Each ThankGodi story contains an extraordinary experience and life lesson. Trauma, abuse, death of a loved one, a life-threatening illness – each presents an overwhelming challenge and a remarkable solution.

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