It's not about religion ...
It's about APPRECIATION as a state of being!

What Is ThankGodI?


Because we become fully empowered by being thankful for EVERY part of our lives...


ThankGodi provides online courses, e-books, stories, articles, media, and live events on using the gifts you gain from your challenges to empower your life.

Our Mission



To provide a platform for people to discover new conversations, enabling them to experience a truly balanced perspective in all things, which leads them to a deeper understanding of themselves, one another, and the universe.


To become the leading worldwide organization in empowering people - through the use of stories,  online courses, e-books, articles, media, and live events - to skilfully balance their perceptions, overcome their judgements, and transcend their attachments, to better evolve their consciousness, and thus enable them to discover the wisdom that liberates their individual genius.


To evolve people's consciousness in order  to empower the individual expression of one's unique purpose.

Our Stories

Discovering your Thankgodi story can change your life. Sharing it can change the world.


Each ThankGodi story contains an extraordinary experience and life lesson. Trauma, abuse, death of a loved one, a life-threatening illness – each presents an overwhelming challenge and a remarkable solution.

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