See and experience your challenges transform in real-time, right before your eyes.
Feel your heart open & your spirit soar.

Sometimes you have to go through hell to get to heaven. The problem is that it can take so DAMN LONG to get from here… to there.

What if it didn’t have to be that way? What if you could nearly instantly access the blessing in any challenge or tragedy you face, in the moment?

How would that change the way you looked at – and lived – your life?

Your life can turn into a crazy, emotional roller coaster ride in an instant. Sometimes getting yourself back to balance can seem impossible.

By finding the blessings in your life’s challenges, you can discover the hidden balance in your life. ThankGodi shares top quality education, entertainment products, and services that helps bring the inner peace and harmony of balance back into your life

Explore. Elevate. Evolve. Expand.

Finally understand how to master the INSTANT RECOGNITION of life’s beautiful and sophisticated balance
of positive and negative in everything!

Our 4-pillar approach shares how to BALANCE YOUR EMOTIONS in order to overcome your greatest challenges –
and even your life’s greatest tragedy – not only looking back, but IN THE MOMENT.

ThankGodi shows you what is possible… That instant Equilibration® beyond the judgments of both the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ inherent in all of life, is yours for the taking!

EXPLORE the stories of ThankGodi authors who share their experiences of finding this balance with you.

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ELEVATE your understanding of how Equilibration™ has worked in the lives of others so you too, can learn to recognize the triumph in your greatest challenge.

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EVOLVE through the process of balancing your emotions, beyond your own story, and move to a place of inspiration where you understand life’s perfect harmony.

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EXPAND your knowledge and new awareness as you share YOUR OWN, personal, beautiful, ThankGodi story with the world.

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What Area Of Your Life Needs More BALANCE?

Join the Movement.

From film director Mark Pellington, to world leaders like Dr. John DeMartini… from renowned authors like William Whitecloud, to iconic activists like Rev. Alveda King…

ThankGodi interviews share how extraordinary people let the worst things in their life draw the very best out of them. In listening to these interviews you can’t help but discover new ways to appreciate and in turn overcome your own life challenges.

John DeMartini

American Researcher

Mark Pellington

Film Director

William Whitecloud