– ‘Break You’ or ‘Make You’ Moments –

From world famous musicians, professional athletes, politicians…. to everyday people. ThankGodi Interviews share how our guests, in their own unique way, transformed their personal living hell into something that catapulted their life. 


ThankGodi Interviews share the ‘pearls of wisdom’ released from the pressure created within life’s critical moments of transformation. Sit back, enjoy, comment, and please – share our interviews with the people you believe could use them most!


Thank God I am Me

When asked what his call to action is, Mike Tramp answered: “It is making sure I go out gracefully and follow both my heart and also ability as I grow older. It is important that my music and all that I do under that banner, which represents where I am in life. I don’t want […]

Thank God I was Crippled

What a glorious man!  Masterful in his craft and on his A game – only to be startled by a martial artist who got ‘through’ his technique. John tensed up, freaked out, felt terrified and did the opposite of what he’d been trained for decades in doing, and ended up not just hurting himself, but […]

Thank God I Found the Will to Survive Through Boxing

Gerry Cooney, also fondly known as “Gentleman Gerry Cooney”, interviewed by ThankGodi author Paul Efron, shares his moving story of his triumph over growing up in a household that he did and how from that experience of negativity, defeat, abuse and neglect he was able, at the age of 16, to climb into the ring […]

Thank God for the Gift of My Dysfunctional Relationships

Talk about a chain of events as a young boy that could crush one’s self worth. You will discover why Jonathan Dunn learned to believe that if he was scared, that it was OK to lie. He learned life wasn’t safe. He began to find his way back through exercise and opening a Gym… Yet […]

Thank God for Living and Learning

Dr. Bernie Siegel, who prefers to be called Bernie, not Dr. Siegel, speaks in stories. Listen as Bernie shares his stories, presented in vivid tales about finding the ‘gift’ in every life challenge and ultimately finding the best in the worst situation. Bernie’s will to live joyously in the face of adversity, mixed with his […]

Thank God I was Sexually Molested

At 6 years of age, Seane Corne was sexually molested. Learn how Seane’s biggest life challenge steered her toward ‘ultimate empowerment’ in her life. She healed through the cultivation of a spiritual philosophy of; ‘We are here on a soul quest for integration, that our souls magnetize us to experiences that ultimately lead to enlightenment’. […]

Thank God I Regained My Personal Power and Self-Esteem

Tina Marie Jones went through a divorce fell into a deep depression. Listen to her personal story of how she regained her personal power and self-esteem after her divorce and how she has helped many clients all over the world to improve, to overcome rejection and develop a sense of self-worth.   Tina Marie is […]

Thank God I Went From Ruin to Riches

Tom Beale, young and ambitious, left a dead-end job to join the Marines. In the height of his success things took a turn for the worst… Tom went from being the ‘best Marine on the base’ to the ‘worst Marine on the base’, almost crushing him…  Learn how he turned his life around by overcoming […]

Thank God I Triumphed Over Pain and Loss Through Forgiveness

Rev. Alveda King shares her painful experiences of undergoing abortions during her extremely difficult life situations, and how she came to terms with the violent deaths of her father, grandmother – overcoming her pain and loss through forgiveness.   Rev. Alveda King is an American activist, Pro-life activist, author and former state representative for the […]

Thank God I Went From Drug Addict to Millionaire

Paul Efron was fired from his dream Wall Street job for shooting up and overdosing on heroin at work. After fifteen years of jail, mental institutions and escaping death on numerous occasions, he finally found an answer through Narcotics Anonymous. Learn how Paul turned his life around to become hugely successful.   Biography Paul was […]

‘The Tommy Lama’ – Thank God I am the Chosen One

The Tommy Lama is the comedic alter ego of Multi-Award Winning Comedian Tommy Savitt…

Thank God for my Cancer

Kathleen Singer battled very serious breast cancer for 8 years and survived. Her illness has brought her an incredible new life. She is a great inspiration to others and a strong role model and mentor for others dealing with their own cancer battles. She has worked very closely for many years with Gilda’s Clubhouse, Desert […]

Thank God I Went through Years of Physical ‘Health-Death’.

Listen to William Whitecloud’s incredible story about his 10 year struggle with an undiagnosable, debilitating illness and how he ‘cheated death’ through balancing his life.   William Whitecloud is the author of “The Magician’s Way” and “The Last Shaman”. William Whitecloud International LLC is a collective of individuals whose purpose is to bring this magical […]

Thank God for Pluralism…

Listen to Dr. Mike Ghouse speak about the concept of ‘Respecting the otherness of the other.’ This concept is known as Pluralism, which is operative in religion, politics, society, culture, dining, clothing, and the workplace. Learn how applying the concept of ‘respecting the otherness of the other’ in our lives is beneficial and crucial: Conflict […]

Thank God I Made it Through the Westgate Mall Terrorist Attack

Listen to Sadia’s incredible story of how she survived the Westgate Mall terrorist attack of 21st September, 2013 where she was pushed to come to terms with the worst humanity has to offer. When she got home safely after the attack,  Sadia immediately ‘equilibrated’ her experience and went on to reap the benefits of Equilibration […]

Thank God For Expression Through Creativity

Learn how Mark Pellington found gratitude and healing in creativity and through expression of creativity, through his work as a Hollywood film director, writer and in producing music videos.   Mark Pellington was born in Baltimore, Maryland. He graduated from the University of Virginia in 1984, which he attended on an athletic scholarship. He worked […]

The Importance of Branding and How to Develop and Promote Your Brand.

Listen to Robert McKee’s advice on the importance of branding and the meaningfulness of the top Brands in the world (No 1 Google & No 2 Samsung) – and these top Brands are symbolic of a solution to a ‘problem’ in consumers’ lives. The purpose of branding is to create a positive attitude and enhance […]

Thank God for The Power of Appreciation

Listen to Dr. John Demartini’s ‘life’s work’ story of his dedication and commitment to ‘everything that can awaken and maximize’ human potential – his life’s purpose is to ultimately to help people live more ‘magnificent’ lives.   Dr. John Fredrick Demartini, is an American researcher, best selling author, international educator, public speaker in human behavior […]

Thank God My Daughter’s Rape and Cyber Bullying is Helping Women Around the World…

Gang raped and bullied online about it, Leah’s teenage daughter, Rehtaeh took her own life. This tragedy created a media frenzy in Canada and worldwide, Leah suddenly found herself in the forefront of an extremely uncomfortable – but all too important to ignore – conversation. Leah shares memories of her lovely daughter, how she found […]

Thank God I Went Through the Grief of my Losing my Son

Carissa Fowler experienced every mother’s worst nightmare, the death of her 15 year old son, Kyle. The grief almost buried Carissa alive. Listen to Carissa’s story where she openly shares how she overcame her grief through gratitude and inspiration – by finding the hidden blessings that she never dreamed was possible… finding her life’s purpose […]


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