Robert McKee

The Importance of Branding and How to Develop and Promote Your Brand.

Listen to Robert McKee’s advice on the importance of branding and the meaningfulness of the top Brands in the world (No 1 Google & No 2 Samsung) – and these top Brands are symbolic of a solution to a ‘problem’ in consumers’ lives. The purpose of branding is to create a positive attitude and enhance lives – it is NOT bragging with meaningless positive glow.



Robert McKee, A Fulbright Scholar, is the most sought after screenwriting lecturer around the globe. He has dedicated the last 30 years to educating and mentoring screenwriters, novelists, playwrights, poets, documentary makers, producers, and directors internationally. Those who have learned from McKee have called him “the Aristotle of our time” because of his insight into the substance, structure, style, and principles of the grand art of story.

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