The Key Behind Every Successful Relationship

  • Too strong? I’m a bitch. Too weak? I’m a wallflower.

      I wanted my dad’s love and attention. I wanted to feel safe, seen and understood. It didn’t go so well… Dad was an alcoholic. I became a people pleaser extraordinaire and didn’t know there was such a thing as personal growth until my first marriage was beyond the point of no return. Yet two […]

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  • The Key Behind Every Successful Relationship

    To me, work is often the scapegoat when it comes to challenges in a relationship when the real cause is often a lack of “communicated appreciation” of each other. Notice that it is not from a lack of appreciation, but the trouble brews in a relationship when this is not communicated. Here’s how this trouble commonly arises in a relationship…

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  • I Love Him… And Now He’s Gone!

    My client called me in absolute despair. The man she’d been living with for the past two years had told her he no longer wanted to be with her and he’d found someone else. She feels her whole world has collapsed; wakes up panicking in the night and says how incomplete she feels without him.

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