Personal Growth Blogs

  • Too strong? I’m a bitch. Too weak? I’m a wallflower.

      I wanted my dad’s love and attention. I wanted to feel safe, seen and understood. It didn’t go so well… Dad was an alcoholic. I became a people pleaser extraordinaire and didn’t know there was such a thing as personal growth until my first marriage was beyond the point of no return. Yet two […]

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  • How the Media and Your Political Party Plan to Steal Your Vote – DON’T Let Them…

    “Racist “Cheat“, “Liar”,  “Sexist”, “Hypocrite”, “Supremacist”…  Winning is ALL that matters… At ANY cost… Now, more than ever, the top strategic focus for today’s political parties are painting a narrative which ‘packages’ their opponent into an evil piece of shit, whilst portraying their candidate as the ‘hero’, taking them to the promised land. Why? Political […]

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  • An Ever Evolving Consciousness

    First, one must gain a recognition that there is simultaneous construction and destruction happening at all times.  This applies to your body, the world around you, and most importantly, it applies to your mind.  As your thoughts and ideas shift and change, so do your actions.  

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