• No Brain, No Pain

    While studying people who are experiencing phantom limb pain (pain in a limb they no longer have), neurophysiologists revealed that pain does not come from the parts of your body that you think is hurting. Pain comes from the brain! In actual fact, all pain is actually a creation of the brain. Now, this does […]

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  • How Pain Makes Us Healthy

    Looking at the healthy side of pain might seem akin to visiting the dark side of the moon– you know it exists but no one wants to go there. For a while, I thought I must be going crazy (and many others were quick to agree!) thinking I was the only one who saw the […]

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  • Does It Have To Hurt To Heal?

    I woke this morning from the worst night of my life. “Please let it all be just a bad dream,” I pleaded to myself as I opened my eyes after 2 hours of broken sleep. I turned my head to the right to see my 11-year-old daughter, Erika, sleeping between my wife and me. “What […]

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