Your Body Communicates With You Through Sickness


I used to be a functional medicine practitioner, my specialty is thyroid and autoimmune diseases.

One of the reasons why I had very high success rates was because I helped my patients understand their sickness and what it was telling them.

An autoimmune disease is turned on because of an emotional and/or physical trauma, whether it is a divorce, loss of a loved one, an automobile accident, an earlier sickness, etc.

By helping the patient to understand that they could dampen or even stop the majority of the symptoms in many ways, one way was to listen to the body’s communication – its symptoms and pain.

Even though I am a personal and business consultant now, I still help my clients understand this, especially when their health is causing their business and life to suffer. They need to realize they have major control over this condition.

They need to know how to stop activating the immune system through what they eat and drink, what they put on their body and in the way they handle their stress. If not, then mass destruction to the body and brain function will cause damage to their business and life.

I recently had a client whose symptoms, from his chronic health condition, was a major reason why he was unable to be successful. He was blaming his condition and refused, in the beginning, to address it. He didn’t think he had control over it.

When one day he called me, and was frustrated because his brain fog and tiredness came back quickly. He couldn’t get his work done and was falling behind. I asked him what he ate for lunch – I explained that the food and drink was the cause of the drastic change.

I told him to wait two days and do it again, to show him the empirical data. The same results happened again. There was no denying it –  and from there, I was able to help him find a functional medical practitioner. Once he was on the new nutritional program, his business stats started to climb because he was able to focus and had the energy to implement the business techniques I gave him. If I never brought that up, I know he would not have had those results.

One way to start feeling healthier is not only through physical means, such as a nutritional detox and the change of foods along with exercise, but helping the person to realize that their own thoughts are also a major cause. Stress related thoughts will ignite the immune system to set off an attack that can start the destruction of their organs, brain and joints.

A person can eat and drink all the right things and take all the greatest supplements and medications in the world, but if they start the ‘stress sequence’, the body will think it is under attack and send ‘the armed forces out’. The immune system then becomes activated and the body goes into a survival mode releasing damaging hormones, such as cortisol, adrenaline, histamine and many others to ward off the attack. But in the midst of this, it takes what we know as ‘civilian casualties’. Overtime, the body will slowly kill its healthy self until one day your symptoms just are not going away no matter what you do.

I saw this in my practice on a daily basis and still see it in my clients, where people get stressed out over situations that will never happen or if they did, are not going to cause them any harm.

My own severe stress was the sole reason why I was placed on disability and lost my practice in the year 2001.

I lost my health, my finances, my practice and many, many other things in my life because I needed a sledgehammer to wake me up so that I could take another path to be where I am today.

Looking back now, I just see the illusions that I created in my mind which manifested into a physical reality. My thoughts created destruction in my body on a daily basis until my body said, “I surrender”. But my stubbornness would not yield… and more destruction ensued…

All based on illusions – illusions that you and I are going through right now! I call it ‘catastrophizing’ – making something more than what it really is.

The majority of what you are going through right now, whether in your life, your career or in your business, is all there to show you where the imbalances are. They are there to wake you up, to show you that you need to take action and not fall victim to your stress.

If you are looking for ‘the new diet’, the ‘miracle pill’, whether drug or supplement, or ‘the new exercise craze’, then you are missing 2/3 thirds of the solution. We are made up of the physical, mental and spiritual. The physical is only 1/3 of who we are and many of you are approaching that with ‘band aides’ and not true changes in your lifestyle.

However, look at this monster straight in the face, find the gift, and thank it for helping you to become aware that a change is needed. This is essential, not only for your survival while in this war of self, but for true transformation of self. 

As with so many people who want to change, but realize that the procedure to follow is much more painful than what they are presently experiencing, they use reasons to substantiate their position on what they are doing is working, or that they tried everything, and nothing seems to work.

Listen to your stress, your symptoms and your pain – understand what it is telling you and how it is trying to protect you from what YOU are doing to it!


Written by Dr. Philip Agrios, 25 March, 2020



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