Is my wife cheating on me?



🤔 Question:

Coach Allana, I don’t trust my wife and I don’t know why. I guess I believe she is just too good to be true sometimes and,no one this perfect is 100% faithful. I have even tried to catch her cheating and thought about setting her up. I know it is wrong, but how can I teach myself to just trust her and be happy?


✅ Answer:

My love, may I be straight? I sense the real issue isn’t her, it’s you. I sense you are projecting your own desire to cheat on her, onto her. I sense there is an unresolved attraction you have for other women, (that by the way, I believe it’s completely normal, healthy and natural!!!) that you’ve decided is shameful, bad and wrong… As you try to suppress your authentic feelings, you’re projecting them on to her. 

I think it’s that you can’t trust YOU… not her.

Additionally, you may be completely accurate in your assessment that you can’t trust her either… because like attracts like, common vibration attracts common vibration. Cheaters often attract other cheaters be they physical or emotional affairs. And of course it would be way more fun for the ego to focus on blaming HER rather than sit in the fire, lean in and go inside to face your own authentic truth.

I recommend a series of couples counseling sessions. At minimum, a series of coaching sessions for you to become free, still, calm and clear on the inside.  

When I work with couples, I work with them individually and together as a couple. Some things are best worked out together, and some things are best healed from the past individually.  

With you, I’m thinking that you have been shamed by a religion, or a past girlfriend for having wandering eyes. Perhaps your mother cheated on your father or vice versa. Somewhere inside of you, you are not at peace that humans are beautiful, divine, gorgeous works of art that ought to be appreciated.

Somewhere inside of you, you are not at peace that you are a vibrant, alive and potent man with natural desires to have sex with women, other than your wife…  As our women, vibrant alive, deliciously radiant preachers, who are just as attracted to having sex with other men other than their husbands… as you are! 

This doesn’t mean we actually HAVE sex with others… Yet, we can still allow ourselves to desire it without shame or guilt!

When I work with clients; once each person has been healed of shame and guilt, once they are at peace with sexual energy and desires and their inner truth… then wisdom can arise. True choice can arise. Agreements can arise. Most couples I work with, choose to stay monogamous.  However, from time to time they require support, in navigating and incorporating sexual fantasies into their intimate life, or even an additional partner or becoming swingers. 

This is a BIG deal, and requires adequate depth, questioning, communication and agreements to pull off successfully, in a way that nourishing does not destroy the union. 

In fact, I have extraordinary quantum psychology processes, where I’ve taken individuals through, (not in a couple’s session, in a private session) where in their mind’s eye they actually act out, enjoy, complete and accomplish a full blown ‘sexual affair’. The brain doesn’t know the difference. What’s fascinating 100% of the time thus far, they are no longer desiring to act it out in actual real life space and time. Something inside them rests and they see their actual partner, with fresh appreciative eyes and overflowing gratitude. It’s quite breathtaking. 😈

Thus, if you would be interested in couples counseling or private counseling, so that you no longer try to set your wife up to cheat on you, resting in the stillness of your inner truth, and see your wife through the eyes of gratitude, I would be delighted to support you. 😘

The way I work is for you to register for an Intimacy Blind-spot Breakthrough call with my extraordinary Intimacy Success Advisor, who will provide tremendous clarity, value and certainty with the blind-spot that is challenging you. Then, she will confirm if you are a fit to work with me, and one of my proven programs. Then we will begin creating the results you desire… And more! 😉 Go to:  

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Either way, there is a solution that will uplift your life. It’s up to you to take action aligned with your priority and your heart. 

What do you choose? 

Huge love, 

Allana, xoxo ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤


20 October, 2020



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