The effect has been devastating, overwhelming and has led to massive destructive, low self worth issues and lack of self empowerment.

A lie that is so big that our soul feels the negative effects and most of us cannot find our way to fix, heal and transcend this lie.

So, what is this huge lie that has changed us from who we are meant to be, into what we have become?

A collision of mind and soul, that is so bent out of shape that we are barely able to cope.

Many people have not been able to stand the impact it has made on their lives, and have chosen consciously, or sub consciously to ‘leave this planet’, at a young age.

The lie of ‘separation’ has literally destroyed so many aspects of ourselves.

We have been told that we are ‘separate’ from our God, Universal Power, Angels, Buddha, Tom, Sally, Higher Power, what ever you want to call the ‘Creator’. 

We have been conditioned into believing that we cannot have access to the ‘Creator’, unless we are ordained into a religious order of some kind. 

Most religious orders are built on a damning system of control and fear. You are never enough, you are a sinner, you will never be good enough and certainly are not worthy of the goodness that the Universe is already offering you.

“Repent, you sinner!” …Still rings in my ears, for all the years I subjected myself, whilst I was seeking the ‘Creator’. I was never told to seek within, and that I was ‘one’ with this Universal power! This kept me a prisoner within the depths of low self esteem and low self worth, for many years.

Having low self esteem prevented me from believing in myself, and claiming what is mine. I was told I wasn’t good enough. My self worth was dictated from what I was being told by the outside world. I was ‘separate’, I was alone, I was a ‘no body’. 

No wonder our society is plagued by depression and anxiety. This lie of ‘separation’ destroyed our self value and sovereignty, furthermore, extends into our society that governs laws, that state that we are all different. That somehow, this ‘difference’ is wrong, and it has a gigantic impact on; ‘how we show up in this world’ and ‘how we treat others.’

We are controlled into thinking that, as humans there is a hierarchy, and that somewhere on ‘that scale’ you are ‘rated’ and that you must live your life by this ‘rating’.

The colour of our skin is just one example, of how we have been controlled and manipulated into believing that we are separate from each other. That one colour over another is ‘rated’ on a scale of worthiness. Another example, our family lineage of prestige is judged and then valued, or devaluated based on that scale of judgement.

The lie of ‘separation’ from human to human, has brought about the dramatic, horrendous, chaotic structure of this planet today. There are so many lies of how ‘separation’ has impacted our lives, but I see and know that this is coming to an end, right now.

The veil of silence and fog is lifting, and our sovereignty is being remembered, as we take our power back. We are remembering who we are at a core level, and this is changing our world. The lie that we are ‘separate’ does not have the power it once held because the ‘Awakening’ of our souls is being remembered, and we are seeing truth!

As you begin to feel the deep stirring, you may need support and guidance. Please reach out to me if that resonates with you.

Love, light and blessings, 🙏💜🙏

 Judy K Martene

Ascension Coach, Lightworker and Wayshower

Sharing Positive, Universal Laws for Prosperity and Spiritual Intuition, Inspirational and Transformational Concepts and Ideas  


 30 October, 2020



Judy K. Martene is an empathetic, creative visionary, with an expansive energetic, and passionate personality. She is a forthright facilitator and intuitive counselor, and called “a catalyst for change” assisting her clients to shift and transform their lives from tragic to magic.

Her passion is to inspire, share, connect, and support individuals so that they can actualize their dreams. She imparts her inspired teachings in a supportive way that has been well received by her international students and clients.

Judy has a deep understanding of the human spirit. Her ability to understand deep psychological mental, spiritual and emotional health problems stems from her own traumatic past. She has survived abusive relationships, illness and poverty. She has overcome all these challenges by visualizing and passionately designing a life where she has shaped and realized her true potential to live a life where she thrives!

Judy is founder and CEO of 2 international companies, Women Living Well and A Living well Expert. She has over 40 years’ experience as an entrepreneur, ranging from NPO’s to private businesses and in the health and wellness industries.