Jonathan Dunn

Thank God for the Gift of My Dysfunctional Relationships

Talk about a chain of events as a young boy that could crush one’s self worth. You will discover why Jonathan Dunn learned to believe that if he was scared, that it was OK to lie. He learned life wasn’t safe. He began to find his way back through exercise and opening a Gym… Yet it was the unconditional love of his daughter that most powerfully woke him up, during perhaps one of the worst days of his life. 

Since then he’s learned to see the gift in his dysfunctional relationships, discovered the blind-spots that were making him suffer, deepened his relationships with his family and children, found God and has been recruited by a successful consulting firm to speak across the nation empowering people to dream new dreams no matter what their circumstances. 

Jonathan is interviewed by ThankGodi Author, Allana Pratt of



Jonathan Dunn is a Senior Coach at Floyd Consulting where he helps leaders and businesses reach the best-versions-of-themselves. Jonathan coaches’ individuals and corporate teams to become fully engaged in their lives and work in order to achieve greater success and fulfillment. Floyd’s vision is to make work fun and engaging for as many people as possible, by delivering world-class training and creating dynamic cultures that lead to thriving businesses that are profitable, scalable, and sustainable.  Jonathan’s passion and enthusiasm for helping people achieve their dreams is undeniable. His unique ability to connect and engage his clients in the pursuit of their best lives is one of a kind. 

Jonathan’s experience includes facilitating strategic planning (visioning) retreats, leadership collaborations, creativity workshops, brainstorming sessions, presentation skills and focus groups. His clients represent a broad range of industries including finance, healthcare, the restaurant industry, retail, hospitality, agriculture and technology. Jonathan believes that human capital is the foundation for corporate success and that all companies have the potential to utilize their staff to maximize personal and professional growth. This core belief is the underlying philosophy in all of his work and has increased communication, reduced turnover, improved culture and brought humanity back into the workplace, resulting in greater profitability and increased revenue, a true win-win.

Jonathan is also an award-winning, dynamic public speaker and corporate facilitator for groups from 10 to 1,000. His topics range from internal corporate communication, to creative inspiration, to the power of creating a caring culture to living a fun and fulfilling life. His sense of humor, style and mode of presentation are always original, always colorful and always memorable.

Prior to joining Floyd Consulting, Jonathan owned an incredibly successful wellness center and coaching/speaking company in Winter Park, Florida. By creating a fun and dynamic culture centered around true wellness, Jonathan’s business flourished in a highly competitive industry and location.  For more than 15 years, he helped thousands of clients reach their health and fitness goals and built long lasting relationships with each of them.

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