Mike Tramp

Thank God I am Me

When asked what his call to action is, Mike Tramp answered: “It is making sure I go out gracefully and follow both my heart and also ability as I grow older. It is important that my music and all that I do under that banner, which represents where I am in life. I don’t want to keep the past alive – I want to be where I am at the moment and where I am going. The road I’ve travelled and the music that I’ve made is my history and legacy. But how I present it today, is who I am.”

Listen to Mike’s incredible story of how the birth of his son was a huge gift in his life, in spite of him not being ready as a parent and how fatherhood led to the triumphs in his music career and his personal life… He lives his life with pride, authenticity and finds therapy within his music.

Mike was interviewed by Allana Pratt, ThankGodi Author of  www.AllanaPratt.com

Mike Tramp is married to Indonesian actress Ayu Azhari, with whom he has two children: Isabelle and Lennon. Tramp also has a third child, son Dylan, from a previous relationship with Fleur Thiemeyer. Dylan resides in Australia with his mother. He lives on a farm in Denmark with his family and brother where they raise cattle.

Contact Mike directly at: www.mightymusic.dk


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