John Bracy

Thank God I was Crippled

What a glorious man!  Masterful in his craft and on his A game – only to be startled by a martial artist who got ‘through’ his technique. John tensed up, freaked out, felt terrified and did the opposite of what he’d been trained for decades in doing, and ended up not just hurting himself, but crawling to his home and becoming crippled… He had also just gotten divorced, lost his home, his martial arts school, and was in consistent pain for years. How on earth could he be thankful for that?

You will be mesmerized by his courage, vulnerability, honesty and truth. And you will be inspired by what he discovered by being forced to flow down and feel. Now he’s developed a beautiful technique for his martial arts students that creates nothing short of miracles, physically and in the world around them. And you can enjoy this ability too. Enjoy this intimate heartfelt conversation and enjoy learning more about John’s work including his latest book at

John is interviewed by ThankGodi Author, Allana Pratt of


Highly ranked in the Chinese internal martial arts traditions, John Bracy is a published author who has devoted his life to martial arts and mind-body disciplines.  In 1976, John founded what would become the Hsing Chen and Chi-Arts martial arts associations. John’s study and teaching encompasses more than 45 years of experience in ba gua zhang, yang style tai-chi ch’uan, Yi family style internal shaolin and hsing-i ch’uan.

Admitted as a formal “inner door” disciple of two traditions, John was accepted by noted ba gua master Liu Xing Han at the founding place of the art in Beijing, China. The second admission involved the formerly secret Eight Diagram Society of Taiwan. In 1993, John received an eighth-degree instructor ranking from the Taiwanese association.  Other martial arts credentials include being the first Westerner to receive a coaching license from the Beijing Full Contact Fighting Association in 1988.

The scope of John’s experience and training extends beyond the martial to include healing and rehabilitation. That experience includes working with patients under the supervision of medical doctors where he specialized in developing prescriptive therapeutic exercises that incorporate qigong (chi-kung), breathing, fascia manipulation, and intention exercises that produce remarkable results.

John is a master of spotting and correcting problematic biomechanical patterns. In this light, he has worked with many elite athletes to identify and correct their physical issues.  Adding to that work and his training of martial artists and prize fighters, he has developed unique methods to teach athletes to harmonize and master their mind-body rhythms that awaken and optimize their potential.

He is currently semi-retired and about to publish his second book: ‘A comprehensive book on “subtle” or “internal” energy’.


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