I was born in Lebanon, and my parents brought me to America when I was two years old….

While still a young child, I knew the meaning of perseverance. My parents wanted the best for their child, and directed me towards skills and behaviors they believed would lead me to success. Their plan for my life was to obtain a college education, then join the work force in a secure job, with a dependable salary and good benefits.

My father stayed on top of me constantly to pursue a quality education. Obediently, I set my mind towards a high academic goal.

I was an only child—and very gifted—so my parents expected the best with whatever I chose to do with my future…

I studied hard in high school, and qualified for the honors program….

I was so achievement-oriented that at age 16 I attended community college part time while still attending high school….

College was a revelation. My strict background helped me see that with a college education, I really could “make things happen.” But there was a price to pay….

My parents were very strict during that part of my childhood, and did not allow me to participate in any social gatherings. Not having a social life made me cry at times, especially when I saw all my friends having fun. I stayed home to study, while my friends attended parties, sports activities, and dances. My only outlet consisted of serving as Student Council President for three years.

I was a “nerd” as I focused on my education.

The momentum towards my goals filled my days with challenges and pressure. At age 18, I attended college full time, and embraced my father’s vision of getting top grades and honors, as I worked towards two degrees—one in computer science and the other in business.

At this time, another opportunity caught my attention—an opportunity that went against everything my father expected me to do. I watched those who turned their backs on traditional work opportunities, and instead tried to figure a way to make money from home. This piqued my interest and, being a computer whiz, I turned to a “new” career advisor—the Internet. An entirely new world opened as I scrolled from site to site taking it all in.

My first endeavor was selling Beanie Babies online. My parents indulged me, as long as I continued my studies towards a real “job.” But the entrepreneurial bug had bitten me.

On my 21st birthday, I took my parents to dinner, and happily announced that I’d decided to start my own home-based business, which I planned to run from the comfort of our home. As soon as I announced this, my father’s anger flared and his face showed his deep displeasure at my decision. He told me I needed to look for a government J-O-B with great benefits, so I could earn paychecks weekly. My father believed that the path I wanted to follow was not honorable or financially secure—calling it a “pyramid scheme.”

Stunned—as the knowledge hit me that he considered me a disappointment—I thought, Why?…

Why is my father saying this?…

My emotions hit bottom. At the young age of 21, I felt like a loser and gave up. My dreams and excitement crashed to the ground.

Then one day I went to a coffee shop that had been a hangout since childhood. I sat in deep depression. Mr. Doyle, an older gentleman I knew, sat next to me. He said, “Varant Majarian, what has happened to you? You look very sad and alone.”

I responded, “My father doesn’t want me to start a career. He wants me to get a J.O.B.” I trusted the man and allowed my mingled emotions, sorrow and hope, pain and determination to show. “Mr. Doyle, I really want to start my own business.”

Mr. Doyle understood my vision and purpose, as he himself was a successful entrepreneur. He achieved much success owning commercial properties and houses, and was able to retire without a pension at the age of 52.

During the conversation, Mr. Doyle said something that struck me emotionally and physically. He said, “It’s GREAT that you love your parents, and that your parents love you unconditionally, but sometimes you have to stand up to the challenge, and do whatever is right for you.”

Mr. Doyle was absolutely correct…

I took his words to heart, and was determined to start my own journey….

I approached my dad and told him that I knew what was best for me, and that he needed to let me take on the challenge. My dad wasn’t pleased—but I stood firm…

My first year in business brought many challenges, and I wondered if perhaps my father was right after all. But I didn’t give up; I kept my chin up. My father was amazed at how determined I was to get this going. However, the first two years became a downhill road, and I didn’t make any money.

To my surprise, my parents saw that this was my vision and purpose—and my father backed me financially. I didn’t anticipate how challenging a business start-up could be. I couldn’t sleep, and tossed and turned all night. I felt guilt deep in my stomach.

But I didn’t give up….

I had a vision in my mind….

I really could do this….

Things started to roll in my third year in business. My adult entertainment business kicked into gear, and I achieved the success I worked so hard to find—and found financial stability. In my fifth year of business, I connected with a nutritional company called Liberty Health Net. I wanted to help individuals both with their health and to earn money from home. That was one of the best parts of my success—helping others.

After that my father and mother told me, “Thank you for not listening to us. We see your success in all you’re doing and accomplishing. We’re very proud of you, son.”

I felt their sincerity….

Now at age 31, the Thank God I . . . ™ Book Series Team approached me to share my story. I realized that I could actually teach and inspire individuals. I joined this project in a heartbeat. I’m grateful that the Universe loves me, and I believe that if you keep on moving forward, God will bestow all kinds of gifts and rewards with education and career.

Because of the strong expectations of my parents, I knew how to prepare myself, how to keep a work ethic, and how to persevere through my challenges….

Because of what they instilled in me, I am a success….

I see many young kids out there who don’t have parents like mine to guide them into a secure future. I’ve had the privilege of speaking at schools and teen groups, encouraging them in pursuing their studies, developing a work ethic, and just sticking to whatever it takes to make something of their opportunities. I tell them how I followed my inspiration. My goal is to inspire them to do the same.

I’m also a financial speaker and teach money management. I tell them to find inspiration in their work, belief in their future, and gratitude for their own stories.

At the same time I joined with Thank God I . . . ™, I made an investment in another business, and placed several Internet machines in some casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada. These are Internet-based machines, where people can spend money they’ve won. Once again, I found a great opportunity to help individuals, and I’m very grateful.

As I mentioned, the Universe gives me gifts because God knows that I love to help individuals in any situation. My current project is to help people in health care. I’m currently involved with a company called Ameriplan USA. This program helps people reduce their medical expenses.

I currently earn one million dollars per year….

And now my job is to help you find your own way to success….

Thank God I’m an entrepreneur….

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