An Ever Evolving Consciousness

Each day of our lives presents us with unique opportunities to evolve and grow. Now, what exactly does that mean?

The only true understanding of life is recognizing the love that is omnipresent in EVERYTHING.

First, one must gain a recognition that there is simultaneous construction and destruction happening at all times.  This applies to your body, the world around you, and most importantly, it applies to your mind.  As your thoughts and ideas shift and change, so do your actions.  One of the most powerful phrases that sticks with me every day is “Acta Non Verba.”  This means it’s the deeds we do (the actions we take), not the words we speak, that have the most impact upon the world.  This was the motto from the academy I attended for my university years. As a young 18 year old man, I was not as aware of its impact until much later in life.

This simple statement means very much.  Each day of our evolving consciousness we are surrounded by our own ideas, thoughts, and concepts, along with those with which we surround ourselves.  Therefore, in each one of these ever-evolving moments, there exists a choice. A simple choice one can make, either to put into action the ideas we conceptualize, or just simply sit back and do nothing.  As with any great “thing” in the world, it started with one man’s or woman’s idea.  This idea was highly thought through, detailed and analyzed and through time and energy, the action was taken and it was brought forward into actualization.  Actualization being the actual creation of our ideas through time and space, recognizing the inherent good and bad that is present inside of anything and moving forward upon our decisions with a space of grace and gratitude.

Now, let me break this down a little further for you.  A great idea emerges upon your consciousness; let’s call it a new business venture, a new way of being, or a new experience that you are seeking.  Whatever this idea may be, it requires great detail and examination to feel you are ready and willing to actually put it into action.  In this process, your mind analyzes the apparent “good” sides to this idea and also looks upon the apparent “bad” sides of it as well.  Through time, you realize that the good and bad are very similar, as there are both advantages and drawbacks to everything.  It’s through this simple deciphering state that your evolving of consciousness takes place.

Through these intuitive progressions of the mind, it’s a space of spirit to effectively lead us towards the progression of our soul.  This means that, as you have great ideas, it will take working through the challenges that are present within yourself to ACTUALLY bring them forward into the world.  The reality of the situation is that in the black and white world we are living in, our mind does everything in its power to grab onto what it appears to believe as real.  This may be the overwhelming distraction that by taking a spirit-driven decision into the world, there will also be great risk that is present.  The various sides of your consciousness will come forward, showing one side as being very logical and the other as very illogical, each one perfectly present in reality, but neither truly prominent in actuality.

Let’s call actuality this space of pure God.  A space of pure authenticity, where there is no right or wrong, there is no good or bad, and all that there is, just simply is.  It’s a space of divine inspiration that stems from the root of spirit, and it is through the continual evolution of our body and mind that our soul is experienced through the blessing of our body.  Therefore, through this challenge and ideas that are born within our physical world reality, processed by our mental abilities, received within the apparent beliefs of our emotions, we slowly transcend this reality to become fully present to the actuality of our spirit.

Therefore, the simple idea that came forth into your consciousness is doing its best to force you to into your inherent magnificence as a being.  We are not our mind, and we are not our emotions.  However, both our mind and our emotions want so badly to believe that this is the case.  Our mind and our emotions want us to believe that this life is only black and white, with pain, suffering and extreme levels of infatuation out-of-body bliss.  These levels are simply opposites.  There is a synchronicity to our emotions that is omnipresent.  At every moment we are experiencing sadness there is an equal and opposite experience of happiness that is balancing out both sides.

Take a look at some of the accounts of individuals who were at some of their “worst” moments of their life.  At the exact time that maybe they were being “raped” or “brutalized” or “tortured,” there was a pathway of “bliss” or extreme high that was created.  Sometimes the unconscious motives that are seen when these “horrific” events happen over and over again is the individual not realizing all the benefits that they are receiving.  Many people get addicted to suffering so that they become extremely supported by others after their so called “tragedy.”  Some people get addicted to the happiness, so they can justify and make terms with the sadness.  The truth is they are inseparable.  There is no happiness or sadness, it’s only the reality or perception we put to it.  Our mind is trying it’s damn hardest to bring us to only stay in this addictive process, because the levels of dopamine that are released through this struggle keep us with the fake feeling of being alive.  In truth, the only reason these situations are actually happening is to bring us back to our true authenticity of self and of soul.  The dopamine addiction is the subset issue that is created through individuals that meditate to escape reality or the individuals that do drugs or commit violence to escape reality.  Granted these two situations are highly polarized, but in truth they are very much the same.  Our society has deemed one good, and one bad, but this is again the attempts of us taking upon the value systems and beliefs of outside authorities to bring reason and understanding to life.

The only true understanding of life is recognizing the love that is omnipresent in EVERYTHING.  Now, for all you love addicts out there, I am not talking about the ungrounded, pre-occupied, infatuated states of love when you are highly polarized in one direction and have lost focus of everything else.  I am discussing the state of love that is our mind’s recognizing the balance of emotions that is present, experiencing the gratitude that is, and allowing the love, intelligence and authenticity of your soul to enhance and release the state of love through your being.  This state has no form, it has no space and time.  It just simply is, without shape, without time and without name.  We do our best to label it love, for that’s what mystics, religions, scholars, scientists and centuries of research have led us to.  However, even in the naming of something, we inflict slight modifications of our value systems upon it and thereby create often imbalances for some of those who read it.

Maybe some of this makes sense to you, maybe you believe I am just another lost soul.  Whatever the case may be, let me be even more real with you.  In this evolution of your consciousness, you are continuously being presented the people, places and experiences to teach you the lessons and awareness for your soul’s growth.  The reason these situations arise into your life is not because someone or something is out to get you, it’s because it is God’s way of trying to get you to evolve.  And why would someone or something want you to evolve? Simply because humanity depends on it.

As you grow in your awareness of the love that is always present, and place this seed in the foundation of your soul, you are sprouting seeds and sprouting seeds to life and spark to new seeds all around you.  Simply by choosing to live a life of this awareness, you pave a way for others to do the same.  We are all here for each others evolution and our sacred heart to be fully expressed into the beautiful unfoldment of humanity.  When you choose to victimize yourself or turn away from a challenge, then you will continue to get increased levels of this same challenge into your life, until you can ACTUALLY experience tears of gratitude for it in your life.

Do not stray away from challenge.

Do not meditate to escape your life.

Do not over infatuate and become elated to those around you.

See the light that shines inside your soul

See the light that vibrates deep within your being.

This light is consistently being tested to showcase your wisdom on the planet.  We are not here to play simple and mundane life games, we are here to love boldly and love brilliantly, so that in our simpleness and mundaneness of life, we come to a vast appreciation and gratitude for it all.

There is no separation, only the separation that our mind perceives.  So break these often hard rooted judgments and perceptions and have the courage to lay a seed of newfound wisdom and spirit into your life.  Your family will thank you.

Your neighbors will thank you and most importantly you will live more purposefully and meaningfully than any car, job, or “thing” acquired will ever give you.  Utilize this physical world reality you live in to bring great consciousness to the things you do, so that these things you do in the world bring forth the clarity and purposefulness of spirit to showcase the wisdom and love from your own soul.

Much gratitude to each of you on your journey.  You can find out more about me at, where I take people, groups and businesses through a detox of mind, a realization of your values, to bring forth your greatest expression of love and purpose in the world.  This journey for me brings great joy and is consistently expressed through the inspired action of my soul, risen from the everyday evolving consciousness of my body and mind.

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