Vocational Balance

  • Your Livelihood Spirit Balance… Your Choice if it’s Out of Whack…

            So yesterday in the office, a colleague of mine was complaining about how overworked he was telling me he hasn’t had a free weekend in over 2 months. That’s absolutely absurd. Of course the Mindset Transformation Coach in me kicked in… Management doesn’t force you to work extra time “unpaid”. Management isn’t going […]

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  • Achieving Goals While Avoiding Distractions

        “You can always find a distraction if you’re looking for one.” ~ Tom Kite Your goals are set.  You’re visualizing them through to fruition. Unfortunately, distractions can get in the way of progress!  Too often, even the slightest distraction ends up being the difference between achieving your goals and missing the mark. It’s […]

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        ‘Cocky’, ‘frustrated’, ‘impatient’ and ‘controlling’ have all been used to describe me on more than one occasion. “Should I wear these traits like a badge of honor? Should I showcase my humility, amenability, patience, and liberalness to the world?” “You’re the ‘Thank God I’ guy…”, comes at me all the time, often attached […]

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  • How the Media and Your Political Party Plan to Steal Your Vote – DON’T Let Them…

    “Racist “Cheat“, “Liar”,  “Sexist”, “Hypocrite”, “Supremacist”…  Winning is ALL that matters… At ANY cost… Now, more than ever, the top strategic focus for today’s political parties are painting a narrative which ‘packages’ their opponent into an evil piece of shit, whilst portraying their candidate as the ‘hero’, taking them to the promised land. Why? Political […]

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  • You’re Not Busy, You’re Just Procrastinating

    Conversations at work or social gatherings often ring with cries of: “I’m so busy.” It’s as if we regard how busy we are, as some sort of ‘badge of honor’ in the delusion that ‘busyness’ somehow equals success. In fact, ‘busyness’ has also been labeled as the ‘Western Form of Laziness’ because it generally stems […]

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  • Thank God I Got Taken By A Heroin Dealer

    I was cold: Shivering, actually as I walked into the bathroom of John Dewey High located on Coney Island, just 2 stops from Brighton Beach on the D train. I wasn’t wearing a coat this overcast February morning, just a dungaree jacket with all my patches and pins. That was my identity, how I repelled […]

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