Not A Happy Birthday Message After All

I began this blog with writing about his contribution to the international music industry … when suddenly, this whole blog took a 180-degree turn…

In explanation, some of you might remember that I have for 10 years, received some amazing validations from my daughter Jen who died at 16, three years before my Dad. These validations have endorsed for me that energy is neither destroyed nor created, and that it re-forms into new versions of itself – and of course that includes Jen’s and my Dad’s energy.

By way of example, I bump into people called Jenny on a daily basis … many spontaneously approach me – total strangers – and start up a conversation out of the blue … and I find myself walking away and smiling that I had just had another form of ‘conversation’ with my daughter …

The numbers 7 and 9 are another way we are connected. These numbers also come through to me on a daily basis in the most poignant ways which again lead me to realizing they connect us in a different form.

So today I was researching and Googling a whole load of information on my Dad, when a link to open up Google Music – a Free Radio platform, lands on my screen. I click to open the different genres and the button “Singing in the Shower” catches my eye.

This takes me to a menu with choices of music according to the decades. I hit “1980’s” button and the song that lands on my page is called:

867-5309 / Jenny

Now I find myself Googling the song … when Wikipedia came up with this:

Jenny’s constant has been defined by mathematicians as –

J=(7e-1/e – 9).pi = 867.5309

And so … my food for thought today leaves me with …

There is always balance within the chaos …


Written by ThankGodi team