The One For-Sure-Cure For Opiate Addiction

If you have been alive in the past century, it is highly likely that you have encountered the staggering statistics that surround opiates. Not only have the use of opiates devastated many lives, the abuse of them has caused death to celebrities and non-celebrities alike. The musician known as “Prince” and the beloved actor Philip Seymour Hoffman both succumbed to the cold dealt hand of the opiate addiction. As time continues to pass, it seems as though the fatal overdoses of heroin, fentanyl and other opiates continue to increase just as rhythmically as each second hand on the clock ticks away on this earth. There seems to be an endless and fluid motion of the devastation left behind in the opiate path. Shockingly (or maybe not), there is now statistically more people dying from opiate overdoses than from motor vehicle accidents in America.

So why are opiate addictions so prevalent?

What is going on in the minds of an opiate addiction?

As with most addicts, the opiate addict is in a chase to find what they call their “fix”. In stark contrast to what is trying to being achieved, the “fix” does not fix much of anything at all. As an opiate addict succumbs to one “fix” after another, they slowly and surely sink into a deeper depth of despair. The sad reality is that their “fix” is truly creating more to be fixed. The deeper an addict falls into the addiction, the deeper the need to be fixed arises. It is as though the higher they get, the lower they go. And so it goes with most addictions and indeed gravity. The higher you go, the farther you fall. We are unable to escape the realities of the universe.

All of this information brings about a very good question.

What is it that the opiate addict is trying to “fix” in the first place to get caught up in all this mess?

Surely no one consciously wants to get caught in a cycle of destruction and devastation for life.

What is it that has made the opiate addict feel broken and in need of some sort of cure?

If you step back for a moment and think, you may discover the reasoning behind this question.

Stop and think of what you truly love in life.

What is it that lights your soul on fire and brings the sparkle of light into your eyes?

Perhaps it is a craft, maybe it is your children, or it may be the desire to attain wealth and find a higher success or achievement.

No matter what it is, all of us has something we desire and often strive to achieve.

Now stop for a moment and ask yourself about these pursuits.

Has there ever been any pain involved in pursuing what you LOVE?

If you have ever mastered any craft or skill, you are fully aware that there are speed bumps in the way. Not only can the path to mastering a craft be agonizing and painful, it can also become cumbersome and questionable.

Having children, an incredibly beautiful goal, comes with the pain and sacrifice of both the mother’s body and the couple’s relationship. Building wealth, many times, comes with harsh realities and lessons along the way.

Most things we love and cherish did not come without pain within the path we walked to find that love.

Think of that first heartbreak, or the first time a beloved pet passed away.

PAIN is deeply rooted and ever present in the process we live through as we engage in the pursuit of what we LOVE.

If you’ve been around on this Earth, you have most certainly heard the phrase: “Hitting Rock Bottom”.

When someone “Hits Rock Bottom”, it is when the pain of the ailment has come to a bittersweet head of defeat. This is where the addict generally will break open and become more aware and free from the illusion they’ve been living.

It is up until they hit “rock bottom” that the addict is lost in a fantasy. They have been living in the land of bliss and only ever seeking a one sided high from the adrenaline rush gifted by the drugs. This one sided high actually is a result of the addict being stuck in their pain. Their pain may be from being cut off from something or someone that they love.

The addict, in this state, has lost the vision of love. They are distant from any type of spirituality or higher purpose in addition to absorbing the harsh cloak of loneliness and disconnect from those around them.

They are lost, cut off and out of touch with their hearts and their minds.

They may not even know or recognize who they are anymore, what their purpose is and doubt that they have any value left at all for the world.

It is this disconnect that leads addicts to a greater mission or love.

They realize the need to reconnect in some way.

When this happens many addicts find their way back to the world through the discovery of God, a person they may love or through a mission that is greater and more deeply felt than that which the “fix” had provided them.

In essence, it is the spirit of the addict that has been cracked and broken and it is that spirit that now needs “fixed”.

Opiate addicts are unable to access and tap into their higher mind. They have lost contact to the “Gate-Keeper” who allows them to see their higher vision.

While it is likely that most addicts are shrouded in a blinding veil that is unique to their addiction, it is a commonality among them to all be blind to the higher version of themselves.

All of them are bonded together by similar emotional patterns that prevent them from having access to a divine light.

There is no one stereotype of opiate addiction. There is a variety within them that acts somewhat of a subspecies to the characteristics of their addiction.

It is not just opiate addicts that suffer from emotional blocks. Many people are addicted to a variety of different things just as an opiate addict has an affinity for their addiction through grief, pain, humiliation, divorce, sexual identity, rejection and more…

An opiate addict, through the pursuit of the “high”, is blinded to the love that exists within their heart. They painstakingly resist the emotions and feelings it takes to “see” and instead seek solace in the sensory pleasure of their addiction.

There is but ONE single cure for the opiate addiction.

The cure is to BREAK THROUGH THE EMOTIONAL BLOCK and gain access to the warm golden core of the heart. Therein lies the genius of their gifts that allow them to come into tune with their divine purpose.

Anything less than a direct connection to their own greatness is but a temporary Band-Aid to their emotional turmoil. Medications such as Methadone, Suboxone, peer meetings and drug counseling only offer a temporary solution that inherently only lead them back to the stagnation through which the addiction began.

Avoiding the deep interpersonal connection to themselves and being lost in their own emotional wilderness will continue to drive a void in the addict’s life. It is not until you show them how to effectively navigate through the emotional world in which they live that an addict will be able to “SEE” and thrive in life.

There is great news for addicts!

When you know the that you lack emotional navigation skills, you can realize that you are now halfway there.

Once you realize the emotions that you are trying to escape, you can more directly address them and face them head on.

This allows you to face your fears and your emotions head on.

That missing discussion and confrontation, that has been avoided, can now be had.

If you are suffering from an opiate addiction, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What are the emotions that you are trying to escape?
  2. What are the emotions you seek?
  3. What are you angry, frustrated, depressed or disgusted about in life?

Don’t be afraid to dive deep into your own story and discover the underlying emotions that led you to your addictive state.

Once you discover the emotions that drive you, you can discover the tools that enlighten you.

As you become more self aware, you begin to open a door that allows you to ask and resolve deeper questions.

The next set of questions may look like:

  1. What are you getting out of the negative emotions you experience?
  2. What do you get out of living the opiate roller coaster ride?

As you begin to ask and answer this deeper set of questions, you become more apt to find a perspective within yourself and your life that has more balance.

You open your life up to move beyond the fantasy and the addiction of your opiate lifestyle.

Rather than having a volatile and tumultuous emotional response, while seeking an opiate to subdue your fears, you become able to absorb your pains and pleasures on the more stable emotional ground.

This balance, in turn, allows you to ask better questions of yourself and allows you to receive and reflect the light of your higher mind.


There are times in life when we all seek a “fix”.

A “fix” is not just for an opiate addict and interestingly animals of all walks of life seek, at times, an escape to pleasure.

The key in life is to experience it, but not to become STUCK for too long.

Of course there are fears, guilts and all sorts of emotions that you will have to overcome in life.

CHANGE IS INEVITABLE for any living organism.

CHANGE is what drives Evolution and Advancement.

Change can be scary.

It is more frightening, however, to die without ever being able to see outside of your emotional restraints in life. It is more scary to leave this life and to have never seen the light that YOU CAN SHINE when your heart is open and the genius within you is free to be revealed.

YOU HAVE THE POWER within you to release and emit your own light.

Each day is a choice.

Will you live a life motivated by desperation and addiction?


Will you live a life that is motivated by the LOVE OF INSPIRATION?

As you develop a more deep awareness of yourself, the beautiful reality is that you get to consciously make that choice for yourself.

No matter what your decision is….and no matter what question you choose to answer….


Each day that you wake to inhale the sweet molecules of the living, you get a choice to SHINE with the stars of the universe or damper away in the darkness of the lost.

Isn’t it your time to SHINE?


Written by ThankGodi team