Corona Consciousness – ‘Boiling Frogs’


Officials in hazmat suits, sticking needles into a young child’s arm to test for the Coronavirus, conjure up horrific images from the movie ‘Contagion’ or ‘Outbreak’.

Let’s face it… sudden contagious disease and the prospect of death is terrifying!

Viruses are very real, and we’ve all been sick with one at some point in our lives… But none has altered the course of our world in our lifetime the way the Coronavirus is doing right now.

How many ways are we being affected? And what can we do about it besides stay home and wait it out?

First and foremost, I send love and prayers out to anyone who has lost loved ones. I vividly remember the loss of my mother, how it affected me and the learning it brought me that now allows me to help hundreds of people just like you, to move through life’s hard times and come out on top. With heartfelt sincerity, it is my desire that this article will help you ease the pain of loss, anxiety, despair and financial stress that you may be facing in this time of global crisis.

My hope is that this article will also help prepare people to discover a deeper understanding of viruses, as well as how to turn the Coronavirus into an event that leads to them to a breakthrough, instead of a breakdown.

I completed my pre-med studies and my B.A in Biology. I was within a year of completing my doctorate in Chiropractic at the age of 25, when I left. I decided that I was not ‘down to play the game’ between the ‘political agendas’ and corruption that existed between Patented Medicine and ‘alternative medicine’,  Instead, I dedicated my time over the past couple of decades to helping thousands people around the globe, to learn how to balance their emotions, which is a key component to physical and mental health. In the early 1990’s I developed a particular affinity for the study of infectious diseases, in order to get a better understanding of HIV and its relationship to the AID’s epidemic. It is from this knowledge base, that I reach out to you to help you understand what’s happening with the Coronavirus so that you can ease your mind and return to the state of balance, where your ‘best self’ is available to you.

What exactly is a virus? Let’s explore a basic understanding together…

A virus is a ‘slice of information’ (DNA or RNA). A virus finds its way into your body cell’s own DNA or RNA, where it uses your cell’s ‘systems’ to reproduce itself.  Your immune system will attack your cells that are infected by the virus by ‘identifying’ the foreign virus as ‘foreign information’. This internal cellular ‘war’ leads to a cascade of events that causes bodily symptoms, known as an immune response.

Your body initially rejects the virus ‘information’… Ultimately, everyone and everything is a compartmentalization of information. Human beings are constantly ingesting information, processing it and outputting information. A virus (package of information), causes an interruption in your health and focus and pushes you to integrate new information.

When your mind is in a state of poised open hearted balance, your immune response becomes maximized, your health will improve and your ability to integrate new information becomes enhanced. Remaining poised and balanced is easier said than done when the world around you SEEMS to be crumbling.  It’s quite normal to become emotional and fearful at this time…

In this article, I promise to deliver to you a deeper understanding of viruses, the  many agendas that are trying to manipulate your emotions about the Coronavirus and how you can calm yourself beyond anxiety and fear. I will share with you, a specific two step formula on how to ‘continuously’ remain in a state of inner peace, so that you can access the leader already inside of you…

As I  watched the world crumble around me, ‘Crying Corona’,  I couldn’t quite understand…  I thought to myself: “Isn’t it obvious?”

 Sure, the mortality rate of +3% that China was reporting was elevated beyond Influenza – but, we all know that we can’t trust China’s numbers at all. China is not exactly ‘known’ for their accurate sharing of information on anything.

Additionally, upon the initial discovery of any virus, early scientific measurements are always extremely inaccurate and tend to be wildly overstated.  Less than 0.004% of the population has the Coronavirus. There have been a few thousand deaths due to the virus. Most of these deaths were people over the age of 70, who were already sick. According to the W.H.O, Influenza causes millions of infections and several hundred thousand Influenza related deaths, every year. South Korea performed over 200,000 tests and was showing less than a 1% mortality.

Social distancing? Mom’s getting into fist fights over toilet paper in supermarkets? I have watched very intelligent people and healthy young people, lose all sense of logic and completely freak out!

It was clear… Pretty much everyone, WAS already infected with the Coronavirus, in effect. The news and social media posts are littered with people triggering one another, deeper and deeper into emotional states of turmoil. At the same time, it became obvious that so many organizations were manipulating and weaponizing the reporting on this virus, to achieve their own agendas,  consciously and/or unconsciously.

After a couple of weeks of the Coronavirus ‘craze’, it became abundantly clear:

The fear and anxiety instilled in people, has COMPLETELY BLOCKED their ability to see a clear picture. Simultaneously, skyrocketing stress is further exacerbating people’s susceptibility.

Fear and anxiety can actually weaken the immune system dramatically. It creates stress on the body, which in turn releases a stress hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is the body’s main stress hormone, and is somewhat like nature’s alarm system. Anxiety doesn’t cause sickness in itself,  however when there is contact with germs, the weakened immune system will struggle to fight disease and infection.

In fact, according to the American Psychological Association, chronic stress is linked to the six leading causes of death: heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver and suicide.  I have wondered how many ‘older people’ with any of these pre-existing conditions, experienced the additional stress of the news of the Coronavirus pandemic, which sent them for an earlier than expected arrival at the ‘Pearly Gates’.

It is going to take quite a bit of work for many people to stop, reflect and calm themselves down…  I did notice some people around me who suspected that the Coronavirus is more like a severe case of the flu than ‘Armageddon’. Between the media, the government, corporations, banks, financial institutions and medical officials depicting the ‘Apocalypse’ – who could blame these people for doubting their own initial instincts?

I even called a twenty-year-long friend who is also a medical doctor, who said to me: “John, Thank God you called me… This is NOT the Coronavirus, the numbers do not make sense. I was beginning to think that I was going crazy.”

One thing that you can be guaranteed of is that the massive pandemonium caused by the Coronavirus WILL trigger more viral emergencies that will come our way…

We will all become able to see the FULL picture more CLEARLY, by taking a deep breath and expanding our purview.

Two years ago, I published an article on how 5G will be forcing people’s minds into moving at faster speeds in order to process information, and in turn, will cause many people’s minds to ‘fracture’ and that ‘strange’ things would occur all over the earth… Ultimately, I didn’t imagine that this ‘fracture’ would manifest through a virus, and that it would crash through economic markets.

One could effectively argue that there are multiple agendas at play – governments, institutions, political parties, and the media that have their intentions to contribute to, exacerbate, and/or even create this pandemic. Ultimately, all of these institutions are created by the information and communication of WE, ‘the Global People’.

As habitual creatures, many of our thoughts and habits (information) are similar from day to day.  At our very core, we each develop a core set hierarchy of values – information reference points where we function from. We even become emotionally attached to certain information –  our voids, values, memories, dreams and even people. The new information which life forces us to confront, can challenge our current core values and trigger volatile emotional responses. Adaptability and change to adapting to new information can be quite a challenge. Viruses present to us, a challenge and an opportunity to adapt to new information.

The emotions that we experience in response to the Coronavirus can trigger us into stress, fear and anxiety. The emotions that we experience in response to the Coronavirus can serve us in elevating our consciousness.

For example: The Coronavirus might trigger thoughts about the fear of getting sick, dying, or losing loved ones – many people have these fears and / or will face them one day. The virus, (information from the environment) can trigger deeper unresolved, imbalanced fears that exist within our psyche.

While few of us consciously ’volunteer’ for disease and death we ALL eventually face both. Our fears feel very real. Whilst our fears can freeze us, our fears can also free us.

By facing our fears and discovering what’s on the other side of them, we can evolve our consciousness. By overcoming our fears we develop greater self confidence, self worth, fulfillment and inner peace.

By tuning into our fears of sickness and loss, we can heighten our awareness, develop critical thinking skills and become more prepared to handle life tragedies. With wisdom, we come to better appreciate the wisdom that exists beyond our fear and anxiety.

Sudden panic from a potentially deadly viral outbreak can trigger deep fears of losing control, handling change, or the possibility of loss of a loved one, a job, money, etc.

As President Franklin D. Roosevelt shared, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

The Coronavirus has created a massive global pandemic of anxiety and fear.

You can evolve your Coronavirus consciousness by asking yourself a few questions:

  • How do you turn your fear into fuel?
  • How do you turn your panic into power?


Step 1 – Heighten Your Awareness.

Becoming clear and specific on your thoughts and emotions is the greatest gift that the Coronavirus can help trigger.

Are you experiencing fear, regret, anxiety, anger, frustration or guilt? As you identify the multiple individual emotions that you experience, ask yourself: “What are the thoughts that you have linked to your emotions?”

For example: I’m afraid of losing a loved one.

What emotions do you have associated with that loss? 

What changes in your life do you have associated with that loss? 

Perhaps this person meant financial security to you? 

Perhaps this person was your place to share your most intimate self? 

Perhaps this person helps you to develop your intellect?

Getting clarity on your deeper emotional attachments gives you a deeper understanding of your psyche and your being. By understanding yourself better, you will become equipped to handle change.


Step 2 –  Bring Balance to Your Mind.

We transcend the emotions of fear and anxiety by discovering the balance that exists beyond our own emotions.

Fear and anxiety are a result of having more ‘negative’ perceptions about an idea, than ‘positive’ perceptions. For many, deep seated fears that seem obvious. Having a ‘balanced perspective’ on disease, the loss of a loved one, or financial disaster, can seem ridiculous at first.

However, if you have been through a life tragedy and come out the other side over time, with great difficulty, then you understand. Mental growth, a deeper spiritual connection, changes in your day-to-day life, new relationships – there are tremendous advantages existing within challenges.

There is an overall perfect balance in everything. Our fears BLOCK our ability to see the hidden blessings that exist beneath our fears. There is a silver lining to every cloud.

The worst things in your life can bring the very best out of you. Change can be painful and difficult. At the same time, change is inevitable, and the key to evolving your life is by evolving your response to change from fear to love.

Let’s pretend that you fear being destroyed financially. By asking yourself, how does my fear and anxiety serve me? (Physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, vocationally, family and socially – you become more balanced in your mind.)

Then by asking yourself, how does being destroyed financially serve me and other people in my life? (Physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, vocationally, family and socially – you become more balanced in your mind.)

Perhaps you have learned to cherish your time, or you spend your time on the dream hobby you love?

Maybe you gave someone else an opportunity to help support you?

Perhaps you freed yourself to read, write, expand your mind or connect with others?

Perhaps you freed yourself from financial attachments, and tuned into your spirit?

When you are dealing with change, challenged by fear and anxiety, you are by definition, experiencing imbalance, both in your mind and in your body.

By taking a deep breath and becoming aware of your imbalanced thoughts and emotions, and then balancing your emotions and thoughts to bring yourself back to equanimity – YOU TRANSCEND FEAR AND PANIC.  In this state of balance, you transcend repeatedly, acting from a state of desperation…

By balancing your ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ view on whatever thoughts the Coronavirus triggers, and for that matter on ANYTHING In life, you rationalize beyond your emotions. You become able to function from your higher mind, giving you the ability to adjust and integrate new ‘viral information’. In a calm poised state of presence, you become able to realize and utilize the resources around you, that are scrambled in chaos to become of service and capitalize.

A perfect balance exists in everything – even in the Coronavirus outbreak. If you take a wider view, you will see that the Coronavirus outbreak has already helped:

  • People become more aware of the importance, and practice of better sanitation and cleanliness.
  • Clean many parts of our cities and corporations.
  • Evolve people towards a common conversation in working together.
  • People become more mindful of social distancing, hand shaking and common courtesy.
  • Serve people to prepare themselves and their families for some of life’s ‘worst case scenarios’.
  • People to stop, take a deep breath and appreciate more time with their loved ones.
  • Online video platforms and document sharing has increased.
  • Creating more family time.
  • Supply chains for antibiotics, drugs and other equipment are being upgraded in the United States.
  • Global governments are collaborating to work together.
  • Governments have created relief programs:
    • Tax relief
    • Debt relief, reduction in interest rates for refinances
    • Better preparation for future pandemics
    • Student loan options
    • Immediate money to taxpayers
    • Free money
    • Debt forgiveness
  • Tightening of border security.
  • Further viral studies.
  • Online traders making fortunes.
  • Preparation for future infectious disease protocol.

Most of us are keenly aware of the many ‘negative’ experiences a virus can bring to us. While it is certainly prudent to do everything possible in order to maximize your health and avoid a viral outbreak, it’s also wise to remember that a virus is a connection between YOU and your environment – there to serve you with new information.

 Coronavirus – we’re all pretty much ‘infected’ with it.

Ultimately, you decide whether this ‘episode’ of the Coronavirus ‘makes you’ or ‘breaks you’. When you live in your world looking through the ‘filter of fear’, what you see is fear, and in turn, you will respond in fear. Stress can cause hyperactivity of the HPA (Hypothalamic, Pituitary, Adrenal) axis, which has also been associated with depression. There is bidirectional communication between the HPA axis and the immune system. Cytokines activate the HPA axis, and thus lead to the release of Cortisol, the stress hormone, which ordinarily suppresses the immune response. The depression of the immune system that manifests as a result of stress, makes one more susceptible to illness.

By delving deeper into your own emotional reactions to the triggers that you have about the Coronavirus and then rationalizing your emotions to a balance – you become empowered, and able to accurately create a fuller framework for the virus. You become able to comprehend alternatives and plan accordingly.

Leadership is born by remaining calm in the eye of the storm.

The truth?

Did China lie about the virus? Did China weaponize the virus? Did American political parties weaponize the virus ‘narrative’ for election purposes? Were other countries manipulating numbers, statistics about the virus in order to achieve their own agendas? Why were there so many false positives at first? Why were the deaths of elderly people with pre-existing conditions listed as Coronavirus deaths primarily?  Why were there doctors on the news in early March guaranteeing that New York City’s numbers would match Italy’s?

There are literally thousands of questions for us to ask in order to get the whole truth… Whilst it’s certainly wise to be prudent and take precautionary measures in life.  It’s also wise not to overreact. In overreaction we often create an entirely new set of problems.

You are tuning into more clearly appreciating how, ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’. You are evolving your leadership – becoming a voice for healing and hope for others.

There’s a global, national, economic and technological WAR unfolding right in front of your eyes…

I wrote this article, because I still believe that the people control our destiny, I wrote this article to share precisely HOW to move your mind from fear to love, in order to know what the hell is actually going on around you…

Put a frog in a pot full of water and start heating the water. As the water temperature increases, the frog adjusts its body temperature as a result. The frog adjusts its body temperature accordingly as the water increases in temperature.

When the water is about to reach boiling point, the frog can no longer adjust its own temperature. At this point, the frog decides to jump. It tries to jump, but it is incapable of doing so, as it has used up all of its strength adjusting its body temperature. Very soon, the frog dies. The truth is, what killed the frog was his own inability to decide when to jump out of the hot water.

We are going to jump while we still have the strength.

The time to make a decision to stop and push yourself past your fears is NOW! Don’t rely upon the insanity around you… 

Don’t BE the boiling frog that many ‘agendas’ WANT YOU to BE… We the People – Is YOU…

WE THE PEOPLE will decide together how much we will allow the very systems that we created, the very officials whom we elected, to ‘fear us’ into submission and panic in destroying our own selves…

WE THE PEOPLE, Social Distancing or Social Community?  

Fearful Lies or Loving truth…

WE THE PEOPLE, will decide!


Written by John Castagnini 29 March, 2020