Home Alone is Making me Crazy!



🤔 Question:

I am tired of being at home, working from home, and just being alone. This self-isolation is driving me crazy but the paranoia of defying it and just being free is equally strong. Do you have any solutions to help people who are aware of the dangers but just don’t care anymore?


✅ Answer:

I so get you! I totally hear you! We are social creatures! 


I assumed my chiropractor and masseuse weren’t working for months. Yet when I finally called them because living alone and working alone I literally hadn’t been touched in three months… they said they had been working the whole time! They had been taking precautions and trusting people’s time in quarantine. Now I’m getting GREAT care 😉


Thus, I caution you to ‘pendulum swing’ from debilitating isolation to crazy acts of freedom and connection that could be dangerous. 

I recommend you do a simple yet profound exercise of going through all of the benefits that you’ve gained from isolation… Right now, you’re only focusing on the negative attributes. Look into financial, social and parental, romantic and sexual. 

It might be hard to find something positive given how debilitating this experience has been for you, but what it will do is it will dissolve the paranoia, it will dissolve what’s driving you crazy, it will dissolve any reactionary behaviors that might be truly dangerous. It’ll bring you back to the center where you can make your authentic choice from truth and wisdom deep in your heart and soul.

Choose what would support you! 

For me, instead of going out and having a bunch of sex with strangers just because I hadn’t been touched and 3 months, I chose to get a weekly chiropractic adjustment and the massage on a regular basis. 😀  Instead of being jealous, I allowed myself to have joy for my friends who are having more sex than usual with their partners… and be grateful that I have a vibrator! 🙃

Bottom line, your sweet body deserves touch, connection, care. Be sure to take time for intimate conversations in your journal, talking to your body, your heart, your Soul. Be sure to reach out on Zoom with friends and family. Go for walks in nature alone or with friends. Move your body. Move the stress through it. Maybe put on a song where you can dance your ass off. Maybe do it daily. The only way through is THROUGH. 

You’re going to get through this… We’re all going to get through this!

Be good to yourself a little bit more everyday. 

Humongous love,

Allana xox ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜


11 September, 2020



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