How to Allure Him With Class as a Work of Art… Not as a Piece of Meat



Allure is such a loaded word… the quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating… charm, tempt.  

When we think of a baby being alluring… it’s innocent and adorable. 

Yet when we think of a woman doing that… we often assume it’s laced with manipulation, using her sexuality as a commodity… taking advantage of the unassuming man. 

And when we think of a man doing that… we can also shutter in fear of him misusing his sexuality forcefully, dominating her against her will… to her ultimate demise.

What if we chose to add HEART to the mix? What if we chose to redefine alluring by adding heart based consciousness, adding integrity, adding love, adding innocence?

Like a baby? Heart open. Needing nothing. Being authentic and free. 

Like a work of art? A vortex of beauty to behold in rapture, needing nothing from us, welcoming our appreciation, unattached. 

What if you were able to value your own beauty, let go of doing it right, surrender into innocence, and just be alluringly deliciously you?  

What if you radiated like a work of art, unapologetically being you, gloriously bathing the world in your glory, with no attachment to outcome and complete welcoming of those who desire to play, to play with you?  

What if you were still discerning, aware and at choice of who you desire to play with… that you could dial the alluring down to a 1-2 in some situations and up to 9-10 in others?  

What if you just gifted the world with your light for the sake of shining and no other reason, providing others with total choice and freedom?  

What if you knew you were Light itself, Love itself, Everything itself, Nothing itself, the Void itself, Oneness itself, Stillness itself? What if you knew who you truly are? What you truly are? So eternal that another’s approval seemed silly. So safe that another’s agreement seemed irrelevant. So infinite that you are worth… just was. I AM.  

Then apply that point of view to “alluring”… all manipulation would vanish.

All strategy and agenda gone. 

All power struggles dissolved. 


Be that alluring work of art… just be you. 

And let me know what magic unfolds 😉 

Celebrating Intimacy with Self first, 

Allana xoxo

14 September, 2019



Intimacy Expert, Allana Pratt is a global media personality and go-to authority for those who have suffered heartbreak and are ready to live unapologetically, and attract an open-hearted, ideal relationship.

Her vulnerability and courage landed her a featured weekly column on the GoodMenProject, featured as an Icon of Influence, and as a Guest Expert on Huffington Post, People Magazine, Forbes, CBS & FOX and The Jenny McCarthy Show.

This Ivy League grad is the Author of 4 books, has interviewed Whoopi Goldberg and Alanis Morissette, and Hosts the edgy Podcast “Intimate Conversations” where listeners learn how to find the relationship they deserve. A certified coach, Allana was asked by Leeza Gibbons to coach her during Dancing with the Stars. With close to 5 million viewers on YouTube, Allana supports non profits like ‘Rise of the Butterfly’ to end human trafficking while offering private coaching and retreats so that her clients have a thriving intimate relationship with themselves first, which naturally attracts and enhances their ideal partnerships.

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