I Live On A One Way, Dead End Street!



Years ago, I was in New York City during the Christmas Holiday — Typical New York with the hustle and bustle of city life.  People rushing to go to work, someone yelling because he was cut off by a car and another was on the street begging for money.

As I thought about this while I was walking, I felt that my own life was looking at me straight in the face.  I could relate to each and every one of those people at some time in my life and for some reason, I felt a rush of sadness all over me.  Why was it now that I would feel this way when I see it and hear it every day?

As I started to analyze this feeling of sadness, which I sometimes do without notice, my youngest daughter screamed out to me and said, “Daddy, look there – over there!  We found Toys R Us!”

My attention obviously focused on her excitement and that rush of sadness dissipated into the cold air and her enthusiasm was infectious.  Seeing the joy on her face, enlightened my own child inside as we hurried towards it to enjoy their displays and her favorite part, the Ferris wheel.

So why would opposite feelings visit and leave me so quickly without me even realizing it?  This shift of forgetting about the events that I encountered which made me sad and then, with just a look from an excited, innocent child, could erase those memories from my mind in an instant without any effort on my part?

Direction!  Because of this, my thoughts shifted from one direction to another since I chose to change my focus on another moment of time.  Yes – which I chose.  Not my daughter, not the other people rushing around or the man who was asking for money, but me.

We often forget that we are the only ones that make the decision in which direction we choose to move.  It is no one else’s.  We are the sole controller of our own decisions, our own feelings and emotions.  Even though we say at times, “He made me do it.”  “I had no choice but to follow her lead.”  “You have to do this or you do not want to know what will happen.”

 Are you a victim of this thinking?

Many times viewing life this way is like what the comedian Steven Wright said, I live on a oneway street that’s also a dead end. I’m not sure how I got there.”

To me, many thoughts are like that. They feel they have a mind of their own; that there is no way back and we are powerless to reverse them.

We are stuck as if we will “break the law” by driving the opposite way since our illusion shows it is a one way street.

“If I think differently than everyone else, will I be punished? What authority in my life will cause me to feel inadequate because I defied The Law?”

These types of thoughts can lead to perpetual helplessness and sadness, the foundation of victimization.  

It manifests itself with the mundane chores of work, bad relationships, financial woes and even life itself can feel there is no way out!

Do you feel that your thoughts have led you down a one way, dead end street? Do you feel that your thoughts have a mind of their own and only know one direction?

Have you thought this way in the past and what did you do to defy the masses and drive up that one way street?


Written by Dr. Philip Agrios, 29 February, 2020



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