Kindness changes people



I had a beautiful opportunity to live out kindness in the grocery store.

I was in line to check out at the grocery store when this man who was in front of me was trying to get his debit card to work to pay for his groceries….it kept declining. I was feeling his struggle.

I could feel the people shrinking around me, judging him, feeling sorry for him and wanting him to go away so that they could get on with their lives…

I heard the whisper in my heart to help him. 

I opened my wallet and handed him some money.

He gasped, backed away and told me “NO!”

His face went red with embarrassment and I could feel the shame rise inside of him. (Damn ‘old programming’ within.)

I said; “Shit happens”…  And again tried to hand him the money… Smiling at him, I said, “No worries, just take it.” 

He reached out and received the cash and immediately said that he was going to pay me back. I smiled and said; “No need!”

I checked out and he was waiting for me… He told me that he wanted to pay me back.

I told him that I didn’t want to be paid back.

He thanked me again.

He went ahead of me out the store and I heard…. gosh, the voice of God speak again, telling me to follow him to his car and to tell him this…

I looked around trying to find him and then rushed over to his vehicle just as he was getting in to leave. I was prompted to ask him if he would ‘pay it forward’. He said that he would, and thanked me again.

He began to tell me some of his story. He was raising 4 kids and it was hard on them…. Oh boy, could I ever identify with him as I raised 5 on my own. I understood his struggle.

I saw deep within his soul that he felt that I saw him and that I cared. There was a human connection that brought any conditioned separation together in this moment. It was quite something!

When I was Chairman of the Board for a Youth Shelter, I used to say to those who would tour the shelter, that all a human being needs is food, water, shelter and to be validated / recognized.

I am so freaking blessed that I was able to do this for this man today. It touched me to the core…  Tearing me up. 

One of my sons, who was with me at the time, got to experience this firsthand. He has always been a kind soul. I am so proud of him. He offered to give me the money that I had given this man…

A double dose of kindness in one day. Wow! 

Kindness Changes People. 😍

Kindness Changes the World.  💖 💖 💖 

Kindness Changes You! 🤗 


Written by Judy K. Martene (Transformational Counsellor/Coach) on 29 Feb, 2020



Judy K. Martene is an empathetic, creative visionary, with an expansive energetic, and passionate personality. She is a forthright facilitator and intuitive counselor, and called “a catalyst for change” assisting her clients to shift and transform their lives from tragic to magic.

Her passion is to inspire, share, connect, and support individuals so that they can actualize their dreams. She imparts her inspired teachings in a supportive way that has been well received by her international students and clients.

Judy has a deep understanding of the human spirit. Her ability to understand deep psychological mental, spiritual and emotional health problems stems from her own traumatic past. She has survived abusive relationships, illness and poverty. She has overcome all these challenges by visualizing and passionately designing a life where she has shaped and realized her true potential to live a life where she thrives!

Judy is founder and CEO of 2 international companies, Women Living Well and A Living well Expert. She has over 40 years’ experience as an entrepreneur, ranging from NPO’s to private businesses and in the health and wellness industries.