Signs Someone’s Flirting With You Versus Just Being Nice 



 As an Intimacy Expert for the past 20 yrs… and a woman just like you who’s been through the ups and downs of marriage, divorce and dating… Here’s what I’ve found…


People flirt for different reasons.

It’s whether they’re empty or full on the inside. It’s a subtle art to tell the difference… The mind won’t figure it out… but the body, heart and soul can sense it. Thus, it’s IMPERATIVE to dissolve any blind-spots you have, to knowing what you know, to being in touch with your intuition, to staying present and not in fantasy land when a flirter lays on the flirting moves. 😉


Empty Flirters.

They’re attached to the result, they keep flirting until they ‘get’ something from you such as acknowledgment, attention, affection. If you slow down you can sense they neeeeeed your energy. They usually don’t stop and give you time to reflect, or respond. They’re in it for the result and don’t give you room to breathe. 

These empty flirters sometimes don’t even give a crap about you. It’s all a game to fill their own ego that they can manipulate you, get your number, win your attention. It’s often about the chase and there’s no substance or sincerity behind it. They tend to be over the top with praise. They tend to prey on insecure people who are desperate for attention. They can smell a sliver of low self esteem and tell you what you’ve always wanted your parents, society or your last relationship to acknowledge about you. 

Empty flirters are also ghosters, cheaters, narcissists, gaslighters, emotionally unavailable and in it for the game of taking your energy to feed their empty heart. Do your inner work so that you can heal the part of you that buys into their game. Work with a proven counsellor or coach like me who can help you integrate any last slivers of self doubt, skepticism or insecurity so you protect yourself from being used.

Full Flirters.

They are giving from the overflow! They’ll flirt and praise old and young, men and women, attractive and unattractive. They simply appreciate everyone. They don’t need a hit or fix. They’re not looking for the return on investment. You don’t feel you have to reciprocate. They give you more space to be and receive the compliment. There’s a generous feel to their flirt, kind energy beneath it, as if the flirt rides of the wave of enthusiasm and appreciation. They are celebrating you, life and all that’s possible. 

These full flirters aren’t attached to the result. They’re honest if they’re married. They’re clear if they’re interested in developing a friendship that could turn into a relationship. Their flirt feels respectful in your bones, not sleazy or slimy or with an agenda. Their flirt literally feels like a gift to your soul, like you’re truly being seen for your essence on the inside even if they’re commenting on the outside. It ‘lands’ as kindness.  It does make you alert with red flag energy where things don’t add up in your gut/instincts. 


Now, how to tell if an empty flirter or full flirter likes you romantically?

EVEN if an empty flirter likes you, they aren’t coming from a healthy balanced secure place. You are asking for trouble because they bought into that line from that movie with Rene Zellwegger… You Complete Me.

That’s bullsh%$! Eventually when you piss them off, they will turn against you. DRAMA. 😲

Thus, your best bet is when a full flirter likes you… you will notice they are kind, appreciative, honoring of many people. And, if they like you romantically… there will be sexual energy, masculine/feminine polarity, perhaps a touch on the shoulder that lingers. A healthy full flirter doesn’t play games, so they will most likely ASK for your phone number and be STRAIGHT with you that they’d like to see you again. 

Bottom line? Like energy attracts like energy, yes? Every time. 💯

So, the best most guaranteed and fool proof way to know the difference, is to do YOUR inner intimacy work to become a FULL flirter yourself… You’ll be able to suss out the empty flirters AND attract full flirters naturally… While becoming a healthy match for a thriving intimate relationship.

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Huge love, Allana oxox ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜


6 August, 2020



Intimacy Expert, Allana Pratt is a global media personality and go-to authority for those who have suffered heartbreak and are ready to live unapologetically, and attract an open-hearted, ideal relationship.

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