Wholehearted Leaders: Our Hope For The Future

No matter where you are political, you likely agree that corporations are some of the most powerful entities on the planet. Their influence in our economic and political systems is enormous!

For years, that was bad news. But the tides are turning. The good news is that global forces are requiring a new style of leadership.

The world is too complex for the old top-down, fear-based style of leadership to work anymore.

Things are changing too quickly for all decisions to be made at the top. Today, leaders must empower and inspire their teams to make decisions in real-time. And this is good for all of us. A couple of months ago, Kevin Kruse asked 23,000 members of the Wholehearted Leadership Group on LinkedIn to share one word that best described wholehearted leadership to them.

The results were surprising and very promising for our future, IMHO.

Three words competed for top honors:

  • Authenticity – imagine how the world will change for the better when all leaders were able to show up and be authentic, transparent, and vulnerable.
  • Integrity – right now this seems like a scarcity among powerful leaders. But the younger generations are demanding more socially responsible, sustainable businesses.
  • Passion – when leaders show up authentically and with integrity, passion becomes contagious for themselves and their employees.

If the leaders of the most powerful global corporations begin to practice wholehearted leadership, the positive consequences for us, our planet, and our future are limitless.

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