Mental Balance

  • Not A Happy Birthday Message After All

    I began this blog with writing about his contribution to the international music industry … when suddenly, this whole blog took a 180-degree turn… In explanation, some of you might remember that I have for 10 years, received some amazing validations from my daughter Jen who died at 16, three years before my Dad. These […]

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  • I Planned Every Detail of My Suicide

    I recently lost a very dear friend to suicide … She had been one of the first to arrive at my house after my daughter Jenny hung herself. She sat, cried with me and held me tight. Additionally, she took it upon herself to set up a roster for the neighborhood to cook meals for […]

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  • Using Pain To Your Advantage– Like An Olympic Gold Medalist

      When you watch the amazing feats of incredible athletes at the Rio Olympics it’s hard to comprehend that you have anything in common with any of them. At the same time, despite probably being one of the world’s worst swimmers I did keep my eye on Australian swimmer, Kyle Chalmers because we did grow […]

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