How to Balance Out What You Do With Your ‘Alone Time’…

“I restore myself when I’m alone.” ~ Marilyn Monroe 

Alone time, I cherish mine and make sure I schedule at least one vacation a year dedicated to me. Whether it’s a full week meditation retreat, a spa weekend or a full day medicine walk which is a deep immersion into nature as part of my Forest Therapy practice, alone time is essential for my well-being.

For those with families, alone time is hard to get and rarely made a priority.  I know this for a fact because I was just like you.  And until I started carving out alone time, I didn’t realize that Work Life balance and even more so Livelihood Spirit balance wasn’t truly attainable.

So, I’m here to tell you it’s time that you tell your loved ones you need to schedule some time for you as a part of your self-improvement plan.

Alone time is a blessing and it’s needed for rejuvenation so that you can be there for those who need you most including yourself.


For those of you who find you’re spending a lot of time alone because you are single, do you struggle with how to spend that time?

Although you have plenty of things you’d like to accomplish, I understand getting focused and staying that way can sometimes be a challenge when you’re alone.  I realized this myself as my boys got older and were off doing things on their own.  I started saying I had things I needed to do but then found myself taking my alone time far too much and wasting it binge watching Netflix. 

So, with that being said, here are some tips on how to balance out what you do with your alone time…


🌟 Do whatever you want…

Being alone means you’re completely in charge of your decisions. How often does that happen? You get to select what you want to do each hour that you’re without company. Think of it as being rich with time.

Need to clean the garage or organize that closet? Want to learn how to speak Spanish or German? Never finished that sewing or wood-carving project? Or just go shopping and redecorate your room to give your surroundings a boost to make you feel energized! 

Having alone time means you can accomplish all those things you’ve been putting off.  

Evaluate why you are procrastinating and how that is serving you.  Equilibrate your emotions surrounding the ways to help move you forward.


🌟  Set a goal and achieve it…

Now that you have fewer to no distractions, take some time and set one or two goals. Write them down. List the steps you’ll need to follow to achieve each goal and check off each step as they’re completed.  Make it your Ta-Da list as in ta-da it’s done vs. a to-do list which can seem daunting.

You have the power and time to make even your wildest dreams come true.

Need help keeping on track? This is where a Stress Management expert, such as myself, can really help!  


🌟 Take up a hobby you’ve been considering…

Maybe you’ve had a secret desire to participate in a certain pastime that appeals to you. What’s stopping you? Again, equilibrate your emotions surrounding what is holding you back.  Then get motivated and make a call of inquiry about getting involved or observe people engaging in the activity.


🌟 Read more…

Reading will broaden your horizons and make you a more interesting person. Read what you already love or try a new genre.

If reading has been less than appealing in the past, go to the library and pick out a book on a subject that interests you. Select a classic novel, a biography of a celebrity who peaks your interest, or a how-to book.

Maybe even listen to a self-help audio book while you’re walking. 


🌟 Exercise…

Alone time means you have time to get in the best shape of your life. Design your own exercise plan or get a trainer. Include a schedule for when you’ll exercise and the type of exercise you’ll do. Then follow through! You can even change it up to keep it interesting.

You can be proactive and overcome or prevent physical fitness or health issues.

Can you imagine becoming the healthy, vibrant person you’ve yearned to be? It’s definitely within your reach.


🌟 Do some soul-searching…

What do you want out of life? When you’ve put some thought into designing the life you want to live, you’ll be more likely to obtain it. Spend some time considering what’s important to you and what you hope to accomplish in your lifetime. Having extra alone-time means you can create the very life you desire. 

Start a journal and write down what your grateful for.

Equilibrate your emotions surrounding perceived negatives regarding past events, situations and people you’ve encountered. 


🌟 Become really good at something…

Nothing makes us feel better than to know that we can do at least one thing really well. 

Maybe for you, it’s playing the guitar, doing yoga, or writing a children’s book. Whatever it is, spend some of your solitary time practicing to become the best you can be at something. It’ll be a great confidence-builder.

Alone time is more than it’s cracked up to be. When you’re alone, you have an abundance of time to spend in ways that bring you the opportunity to balance your life.  You can learn, achieve, and find joy in accomplishing a life that has Livelihood Spirit Balance.

Relish the time you spend alone. It gives you the power to do anything you want. Your time is now! 🙏 💝🙏

Love & Light to you,  


Your Mindset Transformation Virtuoso & Nature Goddess Guide


Written on 12 December 2019 



Dawn-Marie P. Dalsass, President of  Livelihood Spirit Balance is a Stress Management Maven. She’s a Stress and Anxiety Expert for Middle Managers. She started her career in Corporate America while she was in high school and worked her way up the ranks finding herself in middle to upper management for most of her corporate career. She loved what she did but along the way she battled stress, anxiety and depression. When work and life were more than she could handle she planned her suicide in detail. Fortunately, she didn’t go through with it when she saw her 2 little boys on her way to get a knife with a plan to end it all. It was in that moment that she vowed to pull herself together and begin a new journey.

In 2015 she started her own business called Life Coach DM. After several years of working with clients, she realized that the majority of her clients were in middle management just like she was. She had helped most go from being stressed, anxious and / or depressed to being more balanced, aware and dynamic while guiding them on their own journey to achieve life goals including work life balance.

Dawn-Marie has since become a Certified Nature & Forest Therapy Guide and teaches individuals how they too can annihilate the stress, anxiety and depression (aka S.A.D) that middle managers and working parents can face through a process called equilibration (the balancing of the mind and emotions) along with the healing benefits a deep connection to nature (both indoors and out) can bring to become fully balanced, aware and dynamic (aka B.A.D).

Through her own practice, Dawn-Marie discovered what she calls Livelihood Spirit Balance where how one lives their life is in alignment with their authentic self, their B.A.D Ass-self. With Livelihood Spirit Balance, Work Life Balance and everything else just falls into place.

Based on her years of work and client success stories, Dawn-Marie changed her business name to Livelihood Spirit Balance to align with her teachings, mission, vision and purpose.

Dawn-Marie offers online courses, personal and corporate development coaching, workshops and seminars. As the owner of  Total Convalescence – Nature & Forest Therapy  she also offers public and private Nature & Forest Therapy Walks.

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