The Magical Gate 



Close the gate on unhealthy boundaries that you have established.


Open the gate to new healthy boundaries, free yourself from the negativity of the ‘chained expectations’ and obligations.


It was a sweltering hot day, a humidex of +38 degrees delicious, but despite the intense heat, I knew I needed to get outside and immerse myself in nature.

Off to the forest I went, knowing that the trees would speak to me. I would ‘hear’ in a language all of our own and I was not disappointed. The tree branches bent and sighed as I stepped foot onto the fragrant, pine covered forest floor and began my journey. I even took my shoes off and went barefoot, so that I could totally connect with the ground. The loam was damp in the places that were hidden and protected from the smoldering sun and it felt so refreshing to make contact, barefoot to earth.

I saw a green gate suspended on a red support post that was leading deeper into the forest. As soon as I spotted this gate the words magically arose up strongly within me; “When you close the gate on some unhealthy boundaries (which I had established), that would then set me free from the negativity, the ‘chained expectations’ and detrimental obligations I had been undergoing.”

You see, I had been and was experiencing some ‘not so happy crap’ to put it mildly. LOL 😆

I felt this message to my core and gulped with excited acknowledgement, as I knew what wondrous results would transpire next…

So, the rest of my walk was all about the release of these unhealthy boundaries and obligations while deepening my ongoing connection to Source Energy.

This event was a huge, revolutionary metaphor which the Universe and I set up for myself today because I had asked for some clarity around this issue early this morning. And I always get what I ask for.  It’s definitely so very cool and most important, instantaneously life changing.

I felt so much freer, burdens I had placed on myself were gone, situations I had allowed are all put right and best of all, New Perspectives and New Beliefs were formed.

Nature has its own healing frequencies and when you tap in and are willing to receive – wonderous things emerge to take you to the next level of transformation. It is in the belief of receiving, that transformation happens. You must be willing to do the work. Staying grounding and coming into balance is key for all transformation. Nature is an immediate balancer and going barefoot heightens the connectedness. 

I love it when I am nudged by the Universe, and then help others experience freedom and joy from whatever is holding them back from living a life of their dreams.

Go ahead, find your magical gate and see what life altering events happen for you! 🙏💜🙏

Judy K Martene
Transformational Counsellor/Coach


Written 7 March 2020



Judy K. Martene is an empathetic, creative visionary, with an expansive energetic, and passionate personality. She is a forthright facilitator and intuitive counselor, and called “a catalyst for change” assisting her clients to shift and transform their lives from tragic to magic.

Her passion is to inspire, share, connect, and support individuals so that they can actualize their dreams. She imparts her inspired teachings in a supportive way that has been well received by her international students and clients.

Judy has a deep understanding of the human spirit. Her ability to understand deep psychological mental, spiritual and emotional health problems stems from her own traumatic past. She has survived abusive relationships, illness and poverty. She has overcome all these challenges by visualizing and passionately designing a life where she has shaped and realized her true potential to live a life where she thrives!

Judy is founder and CEO of 2 international companies, Women Living Well and A Living well Expert. She has over 40 years’ experience as an entrepreneur, ranging from NPO’s to private businesses and in the health and wellness industries.