How the Media and Your Political Party Plan to Steal Your Vote – DON’T Let Them…

“Racist “Cheat“, “Liar”,  “Sexist”, “Hypocrite”, “Supremacist”…  Winning is ALL that matters… At ANY cost…

Now, more than ever, the top strategic focus for today’s political parties are painting a narrative which ‘packages’ their opponent into an evil piece of shit, whilst portraying their candidate as the ‘hero’, taking them to the promised land.


Political party leaders know the almighty power of branding, emotions and human behavior.

Political party leaders know that:

  • People’s minds function, at one level, to be binary. People are TRAINED to compare and contrast, to create a “pleasurable / good” hero and an “unpleasurable / bad” villain experience at the visceral level of emotional reactions.
  • As a defensive reaction, people’s mind’s at their core, deny the “bad“ qualities within themselves and project them onto to their “rivals”.  Most people live with the belief that it’s “universally bad” to be a “cheat”, “liar”, “racist”, “ sexist”, “hypocrite” or a “supremacist”, and they repress, deny and project these policies onto others.


How do political parties use their knowledge of branding, emotion and human behavior to manipulate you?

BOTH political parties provide, develop and even create “evidence“  to create a narrative which brands the opposing party as a “bad” person and their candidate as a “good“ person. Political parties know that PEOPLE ARE BLINDED BY THEIR OWN EMOTIONS.

Bottomline, political parties and media are obsessed with BLINDING YOU, by triggering your “positive” and “negative” emotional responses.

From linking themselves to your favorite songs, to linking themselves to preachers and movie stars.

Today’s Republicans and Democrats primary weapon is manipulation through ‘Identity Politics’.

You might be thinking to yourself: “DUH! Of course, identity politics is nothing new…  But I’m not influenced by this…”

We’ve got news for you, YOU ALmost Definitely  ARE, and YOU already HAVE the proof inside of you.

Do you have any ‘emotional reaction’ to being called a “cheat”, “liar”, “racist”, “sexist”,  “hypocrite” or a “supremacist”?

If you’re honest with yourself, you’ve probably at the VERY least, THOUGHT  it!



Because, UNTIL:

  • You FULLY OWN that you, personally, are equally ‘universally bad’;  a “cheat”, “liar”, “racist”, “sexist”, “hypocrite” and a “supremacist”, AS WELL AS an ‘universally good’ person who is: “honest”, “truthful”, a “humanist”, “non-sexist” and a “straight talker”, according to your own values… (Equally, as much as BOTH candidates, in YOUR OWN WAY.)


  • You FULLY own inside your being the universal value of YOU and OTHERS BEING BOTH, ‘universally bad’ and ‘universally good”  THEN:





As long as you have emotional judgements towards or away from something, you will be manipulated by your judgments and you will NOT see beyond them.

As long as you continue to look through the lens of any emotional reaction towards the qualities that are being used to manipulate  you with being ‘universally good’ or ‘universally bad’, you ARE being manipulated by your party.

In digging a little deeper into the conversation we clearly see that…

Political parties and media  LINK the qualities of a; “cheat”,  “liar”, “racist”,  “sexist”,  “hypocrite” or a “supremacist” to ‘partial stories’ and ‘half truths’ to communicate within your VALUES.

Political parties focus on getting you “emotionally attached” to being on their political  side.

Blinded by emotions you literally come to “see” how their opposing candidate is MORE flawed than your own candidate.

FOR example a political party will create the following narrative:  “Look, ‘so and so’ is a; “cheat”,  “liar”, “racist”, “sexist”`, “hypocrite” or a “supremacist”… Here are 5 words he said (out of 50,000 words) and two partial stories (related to 200 stories that are spoken about)  WHICH PROVES that your opponent is one of these: “cheat”, “liar” , “racist”, “sexist”, “hypocrite” or a “supremacist”…

  • Look  he / she / other is a “sexist” and will take away your right to an abortion.
  • Look  he / she / other is a “liar” and will really raise your taxes.

Political parties KNOW that most of their supporters JUDGE and DISOWN, within themselves,  ‘universal negatives’ of being a; “cheat”, “ liar” , “racist”, “sexist”, “hypocrite” or a “supremacist” inside THEMSELVES so deeply, and that they PROJECT negative qualities they disown in themselves ONTO their ‘enemies’ (their political opponent).  BOTH political parties “frame a narrative”.

Your political party will do almost anything, to frame a case of the opposing party as a; “cheat”, “liar”, “racist”,  “sexist”, “hypocrite” or a “supremacist”. Political parties KNOW that people’s denial and projection based around the emotional charges of a; “cheat”,  “liar” ,“racist”, “sexist”, “hypocrite” or a “supremacist” EMOTIONALLY BLINDS them from being able to be balanced and think critically.

Political parties and the media rely on “fanning the flames of their base”, with a narrative.

They rely upon people’s emotional disdain for the ‘negative’ qualities that they disown within themselves… Political parties rely upon people being ethically conditioned their entire lives, to believe that they should NOT be a; “cheat”, “liar”, “racist”, “sexist”, “hypocrite” or a “supremacist”, because there is so much stigma attached to being a: “cheat”,  “liar”, “racist”,  “sexist”, “hypocrite” or a “supremacist”…  Most people deny these “Universal Negatives” as existing within themselves and project it onto their ‘opposition’. At the same time most people aspire to “be” and vote for who they see as having “Universal Positives’.

(We disown ‘Universal Negatives’) (We own ‘Universal Positives’)
I’m not a cheat, ‘so and so’ is. I am faithful.
I’m not a liar, ‘so and so’ is. I am truthful.
I’m not a racist, ‘so and so’ is. I am a humanist.
I’m not sexist, ‘so and so’ is. I’m not gender biased.
I’m not a hypocrite, ‘so and so’ is. I’m consistent.


(It is important to note that we are labeling ‘Universal Positives’ and ‘Universal Negatives’, in this essay, as qualities that are most commonly framed as “good” and “bad” behavior for thousands of years, through space-time overwhelming prevalent in most cultures.)

It’s equally important to note that in this article we are not promoting being a “cheat”, “liar”, “racist”, “sexist”, “hypocrite” or a “supremacist”. 

What we are proposing is that, until we balance our emotional charges / judgments toward these (or any) qualities, and own where we have these qualities ourselves, these emotions will continue to blind us into a life where our vote is manipulated.  In fact as long as we repress and deny them, we keep re-experiencing these qualities, which blinds us from seeing and even living beyond their imprisonment. 

At the core level, political parties and media frame all the conversations linked to their candidate with ‘Universal Positives’, while framing their opponent with conversations that show them up as ‘Universally Negative’.

The Political Manipulation Process takes place when the party:   

  1. Links ‘Universal Negatives’ to their opponent with a supporting story and  “evidence” that violates the ‘values’ of the party and the voter.
  2. Links ‘Universal Positives’ to their candidate with a supporting story and  “evidence” that supports the ‘values’ of the party and the voter.
  • Keep in mind, I am not saying that a political candidate is NOT a: “cheat”, “liar”, “racist”, “sexist”, “hypocrite” or a “supremacist”… What I am suggesting is that EVERYONE possesses these qualities in some form. What the media and the political party do, is to greatly hyperbolize the ‘Universal Negatives’ in the opposition, and greatly accent the ‘Universal Positives’ in their own candidate. 

More specific examples:

  • Trump is a “liar”, story, partial facts: “Look he’s AGAINST your race.”
  • Trump is a “supremacist” story with partial facts:  “Look he’s AGAINST gay rights.”
  • Clinton is a “liar” story with partial facts: “Look she’s AGAINST religion.”
  • Clinton is a “supremacist” story with partial facts: “Look she’s AGAINST immigration.”

How to Break Free from the Political Manipulation Process…

  • How do we evolve ourselves past being manipulated by parties or by anyone at all?
  • How do you get to fully see candidates beyond the stories, to see who they truly are?

While the answer to these questions is simple…  It’s far from easy and the truth is that most people simply will NOT do it… 


It appears that most people would rather deny and project the “bad” qualities within themselves to remain in comfort with their current personal identity than to embrace change and OWN  the “negative” parts of themselves. 

How do you break free from the manipulation?

Firstly, YOU need to fully own that YOU are EQUALLY a “cheat”, “liar”, “racist”, “sexist”, “hypocrite” or a “supremacist” AS much as THE NEXT PERSON.

EVERYONE has been a “cheat“, “liar”, “racist”, “sexist”, “hypocrite” or a “supremacist”, at some point in their lives, perceived by others. Each person manifests the way that they express these exact qualities according to their own unique values.

 In fact, the stronger the emotions are that you have about being a; “cheat”, “liar”, “racist”, “sexist”, “hypocrite” or a “supremacist”, the more repression, denial, projection and judgment you will hold OVER those qualities.

If you are disgusted by “Trump” because he is “disrespectful”, it’s because you project, deny and judge being “disrespectful”. If you are disgusted by “Clinton” because she is “disingenuous”, it’s because you project, deny and judge being “disingenuous”.

The great news is, there IS A WAY TO MOVE BEYOND YOUR EMOTIONAL JUDGEMENTS, where YOU become able to open your mind to see a full picture, beyond them In fact, by doing so you turn the tables. You become empowered to see beyond ANY political party and beyond the media… 

You empower yourself to discover the middle road that hides behind both emotions:

  • You begin by asking yourself: “What ‘negative’ qualities trigger me emotionally in the opposing party?”  For example: “X is such a liar”… You then ask yourself: Where have I been a liar? Who has seen me as a liar?

Look for those specific moments in your life, that you OWN within yourself, what you formerly projected…  Did you tell someone they looked great when you didn’t think they did? Did you lie to a partner?

  • You then find the balance in lying. Then ask yourself: “What are the advantages to me when other people lie to me? What are the advantages to other people and myself when I have lied to them?” Were you protected by a lie? Was someone else protected by your lying? Did your lie open up an opportunity to experience something of someone else?
  • Ask yourself:  “What ‘positive’ qualities” trigger me emotionally  towards my party? For example: “X is so honest”… You then ask yourself: “Where have I and the opposing party been honest? Who has observed me and the opposing candidate as an honest? 
  • You then find the balance in lying / not lying. Then ask yourself: “What are the disadvantages to me of other people being honest with me? What are the disadvantages to other people and myself for people being honest with me?    

For a more complete understanding of the process of Equilibration® – ‘How to Bring ALL of  your Emotions to Balance’ click here for our free download.

Here’s the bottom line. There is a LONG LIST of qualities that we are ‘attracted to’ and ‘repelled by’, which we then project onto others. Political parties play upon ‘triggering your emotional charges’. 

By transcending repressed denial, ‘projection’ and ‘emotional judgments’ you WILL tune into your higher mind.

In transcending ‘denial’, ‘projections’ and ‘judgments’ you enter a state of presence, enabling you to see beyond your former ‘emotional veils’. From this state of presence, you come to see and hear both sides more clearly.

Instead of being ‘led by the nose’ and responding in an emotional fashion, you become able to see the ‘true values  of each candidate… You become able to hear and understand their policies.

Empowered and able to make a voting decision from a poised state, of a balanced mind… You  become able to ‘hear your contemporaries’ and their points of view – from a balanced state of mind you make informed decisions.

It’s ironic how, in the information age, deeper communication seems to be at an all-time-low… 

It’s no coincidence that the  polarization in our discourse appears close to an all time high.

Ultimately, our political leadership is a reflection of the people voting for them…

Remember; EVERYONE has ALL OF these qualities, equally! “Cheat”, “Liar”, “Racist”, “Sexist”,  “Hypocrite” or “Supremacist”, expressed uniquely according to their own values.

Judge ye not and be not judged.

Political parties live and die in trying to polarize us. 

They TRY to BLIND US, from hearing one another. It is in their interest that YOU follow them, NOT that you ‘think compromise’ and communicate with ‘the opposition’. 

They KNOW, that in the states of emotional bias (polarization) EACH SIDE, remains BLINDED to ONE ANOTHER projecting the ‘NEGATIVE Universal’ qualities onto their ‘opponent’ and the ‘POSITIVE Universal’ qualities onto their ‘candidate’.

They want your VOTE – they DO NOT want your thoughts.

In transcending your emotional responses towards either candidate, you come to truly see the candidate more clearly, for whom they truly are, and what they truly value.

In understanding each candidate’s core values, you free yourself from the narratives which are painted by political parties, media and special interest groups. You elevate your conversation to truly discuss policy differences. From this place of elevated conversation, where people conduct discourse hearing one another’s opposing views can occur.

The greatest challenge to your political party, no matter which side you choose, is YOU not allowing THEM to emotionally manipulate you to do what THEY want you to do…

You have been introduced to the tool that will help you break free of manipulation from either party.  It’s your choice to be another ‘manipulated puppet’ or to be one of the leaders who help evolve the minds and conversation of humanity towards greater self awareness, communication and compromise.


Written by John Castagnini, 20 Jan 2020