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Where did Equilibration Come From?

An entire universe co-created by complimentary polar opposite charges achieving equilibrium over time has been observed by various cultures around the world, for thousands of years. The existence of an omnipresent balance and living within the wisdom of moderation in all things has been spoken about since antiquity. My personal journey towards discovering this underlying balance, began to reveal itself to me as a teenager through the lyrics in music.

As I looked around me, and saw a world full of revolving problems, John Lennon’s lyrics featured in the song; “Watching the wheels”, struck me… “People say I’m crazy lost in confusion, I tell them there’s no problem only solutions…”  Only solutions?!!!!!

Rape, murder, genocide, corruption and hunger. While I listed a thousand problems I saw in the world, I recognized a silent space of inner peace inside of me that resonated with John Lennon’s lyrics, as if they were some kind of self-evident truth.

At the same time, a lyric by Paul Simon struck me, “The thought that life can be better is woven indelibly into our hearts and our brains.” I thought to myself; “Is it possible that everything was as perfect as it could ever be? Was I tricking myself into constantly thinking that life can be better than how it is right now?”

Within the Byrds song; “Turn! Turn! Turn!”, I noticed the words directly taken from the Roman Catholic Bible, in Ecclesiastes: “a time to be born, and a time to die, a time to kill and a time to heal.” Was my Bible sharing the existence of a time for an overall balance in everything?

As a martial artist since I was a child, I became interested in “eastern” oriented  thought. By the age of 22, I was immersed enough into the Tao, to have gotten a tattoo of the Yin Yang on my Dan Tien. By then, I became  convinced into one of the three components of Equilibration: It appears that there is an existing underlying balance in EVERYONE and within EVERYTHING, and WE can discover this underlying balance.

As a teenager exploring music, I also began writing poetry. Better stated, something was writing poetry through me! Without any cognition, poems flowed onto the page. I noticed that as I was writing, I experienced a state of grace and inner peace… One poem struck me immediately. It revealed to me a deeper understanding of people and our internal motivations.

At the age of 17 I wrote; “People dislike you, because in you they see things they don’t have and wish they did, or something they do have and wish they didn’t.” This poem led me to discover another one of the three components of Equilibration: The importance of transcending projection and taking ownership of every part of oneself.

Then, at the age of 25, I met an amazing friend who truly showed me what mastery of the mind is REALLY all about. In addition to the hundreds of sciences that we had discussed, Dr. John Demartini shared his ‘Demartini Method’ with me, which taught me the third and critical component to Equilibration: The importance of bringing BOTH, “positive” and “negative” emotions to balance.

As if ten years of contemplation on balance were not enough, John DRILLED the concept of Equilibration into my brain. Before I met Dr. Demartini, I learned to look for the “POSITIVE” in whatever I had experienced as “NEGATIVE”. In learning the ‘Demartini Method’, it became CLEAR that in order to achieve inner peace on ANY topic, I had to bring both the illusion of EACH specific “POSITIVE” emotion and each specific “NEGATIVE” emotion, to balance…

Iconic lyricists, channeled poetry and the genius of a world renowned philosopher led me to dedicate my life to further explore the concept of Equilibrium. Equilibration shares how you can become aware of your specific emotions, how to take ownership of your emotions, and how to bring yourself (and your mind) to balance beyond your emotions. 

Depression, Addiction, Every Life Challenge CAN BRING THE VERY BEST OUT IN YOU – Discover HOW.

Within every challenge lies a seed of greatness that until now, only the rarest of seekers have discovered…

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    We welcome you on a journey that will open your heart and eyes – Put on a pair of x-ray vision goggles that lets you see through ALL of the stuff that’s in your way – so that you can get to the greatness inside of you that’s waiting to come out.

    Is something in your past keeping you from moving forward?

    There are so many masks we wear and so many fantasies and illusions we carry and hold onto – convincing ourselves they make up our reality. Yet, hidden in all of this is a perfect balance of both positive AND negative and BOTH serve us equally, without prejudice one way or the other.

    Discovering this – and learning how to see and appreciate this balance in real time – is where the “magic” lies.

    Let us show you where your hidden blessings hide… and the wonder that awaits you when you finally see them for yourself.

    Here’s what you’ll learn in the Equilibration™ Course…

    Equilibration™  IS a Game-Changer



    Every moment in your life fluctuates between moments of emotional volatility and balanced inspiration.

    In a state of Equilibrium, balanced emotions are experienced as a state of grace –  You’ll feel like you are ‘In the Zone’.  You will manifest your genius.

    Equilibration shares precisely how to continuously balance your emotions, in order to maintain a state of “Living in the Zone”.

    Did you know that your life’s chaos can develop your confidence, improve your self worth and heal your heart?


    Your monthly mortgage, your kid’s tuition, your mom’s in the hospital…  The stress of life can literally bury you alive.

    By training your mind to continuously master the stress of daily life,  you will improve your physical health and vastly increase your confidence and self worth.

    Addictions are overcome by ‘Equilibrating’ your Emotions.



    From gambling to drugs, alcohol to overeating… thoughts and emotions we have brewing inside of us, are often the CAUSE of most of life’s addictions. 

    As you identify the myriad of emotions and thoughts associated with your addictions, Equilibration will share how to bring balance (inner peace) to the volatility which is causing your addiction/s.

    Depression and Anxiety can be the final steps before your genius.


    Ever notice that the harder you try to get rid of your depression the harder and faster it comes back?

    With Equilibration you will learn how to find the value in your depression and anxiety.  Your ‘genius’ shines behind your depression and anxiety.

    Equilibration shows you how to  balance the fear, the guilt and emotions surrounding your depression – liberating YOUR ‘genius’.

    You too, can learn to balance your complementary opposite emotional scale of support and challenge to help you see your life and path with greater clarity and wisdom.

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    We welcome you on an inspiring journey.

    One that will open your heart and eyes, as if putting on a pair of x-ray vision goggles that lets you see through ALL of the stuff that’s in your way… so you can get to the greatness inside of you that’s waiting to come out.

    Grab your free copy of “The Equilibration Conversation” and join the world’s greatest influencers, as you uncover the secret skill to live beyond the ups and downs of emotion – In the state of presence, where true mastery comes from… Where purpose and inspiration lead the way…

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