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As a teenager, the world appeared so unjust to me. I used to ask myself, “What could I  do to make the world a better place?

After life kicked my ass a few times, I realized any change I longed to make in the world was really a change I wanted to make inside myself. I discovered that there existed an underlying hidden order – a perfect balance in everything. The world was doing just fine.

In learning to gain a greater appreciation for the world as it is, others as they are, me as I am and my life as it was, I began to ask myself, “How can I be of amazing service to the world, others and myself?”

This last question led me to ask myself even deeper questions like – 

  • What am I Inspired to dedicate my life to, that would massively help other people build their lives?
  • How can I maximize living my genius and in doing give be the greatest possible contribution to humanity?
  • What are the greatest needs I see for humanity and how can I lead in the world to help fulfill those needs?
  • What are the best ways I could I serve humanity with the very best I have to offer?
  • What dedication would push me to truly liberate the genius of my mind and the love in my heart?

Having completed a Biology degree and then going to Chiropractic school, I knew that my mission was to help people heal. The world seemed filled with so much disease. So many people were suffering, hurt, confused, in pain, and unfulfilled – living lives of quiet desperation. Over time, it became clear that most people in the world were SEVERELY  stressed out and overwhelmed.

Accidents, health challenges, divorce, bankruptcy, addiction, and sexual abuse… we ALL go through difficult times. It’s no wonder depression, anxiety, and addiction have become an epidemic.  Unfortunately, many people let life’s temporary tragedies permanently bury their spirit and ruin their lives.  They end up closing themselves off to the hidden order that exists inside of themselves and in everything around them. Life becomes intolerable.

As I furthered my studies in martial arts, meditation, yoga, and dozens of healing modalities, it became clear that a BALANCED body and mind was the critical foundation to living a truly meaningful life.  The handful of people who maintained the ability to bring themselves to a state of inner peace and become present truly lived a fulfilled life.

In presence, you tune into this perfect balance that exists all around you.  In presence your soul reveals to you, your vision.

At ThankGodi we made it our mission to serve other people with the education, products, and services that share the skill of discovering this balance.  We help people find their purpose and live their genius in this presence.

When my mom died, over a decade ago, I lost my vision – even though even then, I was fortunate to KNOW that the worst things in your life can bring the very best out of you.  Even though, I was fortunate to know how to find the balance in my worst nightmare.

Even though I knew all these things, I still went through HELL before I had a miraculous experience and became able to utter the words, “Thank God My Mom Died.”   

No doubt, however, that my having the insight to look for the balance in my personal tragedy is what got me to the other side.

You see, I realized the incredible healing power of people writing, reading, and sharing their own ThankGodi… stories.

Divorce, Depression, Grief, Cancer, Addiction, Abuse…

By people becoming THANKFUL ( balanced beyond seeing something as “positive” or “negative”) for their greatest life challenge, they shift into (healed) hearts and evolve their being (consciousness).

Over the years, we have become dedicated to publishing thousands of unique ThankGodi stories to distribute to the billions of people in the world.  We knew that a ThankGodi story can open one’s mind to the underlying balance within themselves and in everything around them.

But it’s one thing to open your mind to balance. It’s another thing to turn balance into a life practice.

From premium courses, games, education, and movies; to shows and all kinds of health products and services that help you achieve a balanced body/mind. You can live  from the “I LOVE to” place.  ThankGodi has partnered with world-leading marketing and development companies that include APP, Token, and advanced Blockchain development .

By serving every individual’s unique values, developing a community that serves billions of people to balance their body and mind together, we can evolve humanity.

As each person discovers how to “Thank God” for the “bad” as well the “good” we bridge the “God” of the West with the “Balance” of the East.

By publishing ThankGodi stories from Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhists, Jews, Existentialists and more, we connect people with different beliefs and faiths around a common experience of open-hearted thankfulness (balanced gratitude for what is, as it is).

Throughout ThankGodi we share a process called Equilibration that shares precisely HOW TO bring the volatile emotions people experience from ANY life challenge to BALANCE.

Equilibration is a scientific, replicable, process that works every single time a person works through it. The balance of inner peace may be found through prayer, rituals, meditation, or Equilibration.  ThankGodi unites “faith” and “science” around the universal common experience of equilibrium.

ThankGodi exists to help you master the short amount of time you are gifted to share on this earth.  

From a balanced state of inner peace, you improve your confidence and your self-esteem. You also increase your levels of physical energy. You improve your appreciation for – and in turn your communication with – others. You become empowered to become the person… the GENIUS… who you were born to be.

Imagine a world where each and every person has equal access to the very best to master their own physical and mental balance… Imagine a world where we each get the chance to live and contribute the to best music inside of us.

ThankGodi is doing what we can to help create a world where people listen to their inner calling and follow their heart. ThankGodi exists to help you live and share with the world the very best music inside of you. We invite you to join us on our journey.

CEO & Founder, ThankGodi

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